I’m close to hitting my three year mark living in England, so here’s a list of things I miss about my homecountry.

Bikes. On the roads, near stations, in my garage. Sinterklaas. Stroopwafels. The real ones, not the fake caramel waffles they sell here. Knowing general history of the country you live in. Get general jokes about the country you live in. The three kisses on the cheek. The fireplace in my parents’ house. Bitterballen. Family gatherings. Frikandellen. Paprika flavoured crisps. Oliebollen on New Year’s Eve. Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles on sandwiches). Gouda cheese. Dutch humour. The forest in Bladel. Dutch straightforwardness. Dutch directness. Dutch television shows. Dutch voiceovers in animation films. Landscapes. Trains with an upstairs and downstairs. Ice skating on frozen lakes in winter. Good roads and pavements. Poffertjes (little Dutch pancakes). My small town, Bladel. Feeling Dutch. Not being foreign. My friends. My mom and dad. My sisters. Even the Dutch language.

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