England is very different from the Netherlands. Culture, people, language. And I love it here.

How everybody says “thank you” to the bus driver when leaving the bus. The accent. The language. Manchester. York. London, but mostly Manchester. Bookshops. Tea. Loads of tea. Halloween. Celebrating Christmas. The Northern quarter of Manchester. Jaffa cakes. Charity shops. Canals. Weatherspoon. How people hug you when they meet you and when they leave. The shops. People these shops calling you “sweetheart”, “love” or “darling”. How it’s got a very welcoming atmosphere. And how it feels safe to walk around in the evening. Good music. Open mics in pubs. Pubs in general. Landscapes. Driving left on a roundabout. Very friendly and helpful people. How a lot of people actually like my accent. My lovely friends. My boyfriend.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear that you love England, and I’m also glad that you’ve found that it’s welcoming as some people tend to say the opposite! This blog post was so sweet and nice to read 🙂

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