Last summer my boyfriend and I travlled down to Mallorca for a five day holiday. The beautiful Spanish island has so much to offer, but I think we spent our five days very well. I love how we’re both very active on holidays, we like to do things and visit places rather than spending five full days at the pool. There’s so many great things to do in Mallorca, but I’ve picked out a handful of experiences that you should also check out!

Visit Palma

We stayed in a little place called Palma Nova, very close to the capital Palma. Obviously we wanted to visit the beautiful city and take in some culture on our trip abroad. Even though it was very hot during the day, the tall buildings provide enough shade for a lovely little city trip. We didn’t set too many plans for our visit to Palma, but we did really want to see the cathedral, which we saw! Other than that we had a little wander around the city, visiting the main tourist attractions and went for a lovely dinner.

Try Mallorcan olives

Mallorca is known for its olives, and it’s very noticeable! Every evening we got a little basket of bread and a plate with olives before our dinner. I’m a fan of olives and I have to say that the ones I had in Mallorca were absolutely delicious! My boyfriend doesn’t like olives that much, which meant more for me!

Dolphin spotting

The one thing we actually planned before going on our trip was sign up for a dolphin spotting tour. Mallorca is quite small and most companies who organise activities like this have a bus that drives around the island to pick up people who are joining. We got picked up from our hotel and after a 40 minute busride we arrived at the boat. We sailed far from the coast and got to see quite a few dolphins! Even a little one! After that we sailed to a different part of the island where we had the option to get off the boat for a little swim in the beautiful blue water. They provided lunch on the boat too – paella and salads. Afterwards we got back on the bus and got dropped off at the hotel again. Absolutely loved the experience!

Visit the caves

Our hotel had lots of brochures for activities like the dolphin spotting. One of them was a visit to the Caves of Drach. One of the four great caves location in Mallorca. Even though I’m a little bit claustrophobic and going underground to see the caves scared me, I’m very glad I did it! It was so surreal to see these beautiful works of art. Once again we got picked up and dropped off at the hotel and get all the information about the caves and about the island during the bus ride there. I would definitely recommend visiting the caves if you have a day to spare.

Have an evening walk down the beach

Our hotel was very close to the beach and the village we stayed in had a beautiful promenade . One evening we decided to have a long walk down the beach and the promenade while stopping every now and then for a cocktail. The evenings in Mallorca are absolutely perfect. The heat is still in the air but it’s cooled down and reached a very comfortable temperature. Especially after a long and hot day it’s very relaxing to have a little walk to end the day.

Have you ever been to Mallorca?
What was your favourite thing about it?


10 comments on “5 things you have to do in Mallorca”

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I think Spain is such a gorgeous country with so much to offer, I went to Barcelona this year but will definitely be going back to Spain again and have so many places I want to visit there including Mallorca. 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to visit Mallorca, and this has boosted it to the top of my places to go! I had no idea it’s known for its olives so even better as I adore them 😀

  3. Hey awesome blog post. I love Spain. However haven’t managed to reach Mallorca yet. But dolphin seeing and caves is selling me on this.

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