I adore YouTube. For those who know me that’s not a secret! I’ve spend years watching loads of YouTubers and even gave making videos a go myself. That didn’t turn out very well though, writing fits me way better than sitting in front of a camera to talk or sing. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up again, but for now I’m very happy typing away on this website.

Anyways! I went to a Youtube/Pokemon Go meeting from two of my favourite youtubers last week and I thought it’d be a good idea to share my favourite YouTubers with you today so you can check them out too! (If you’re not already following them!)

Trainer Tips

Safe to say that Trainer Tips is my favourite youtube channel at the moment, and has been for a few months. As most of you know, I love Pokemon Go. It’s made the dream of becoming a real Pokemon Trainer. Nick (the man behind Trainer Tips) has taken this a little step further. His job is creating YouTube videos playing Pokemon Go, explaining everything you need to know about the game and putting it all together in beautiful videos. If you play Pokemon Go (or want to get inspired to get back into the game) you should definitely check out his channel. It’s made Pokemon Go so much more fun for me.

Trainer Tips’ Channel


Another Pokemon Go channel that I really enjoy. Just like Trainer Tips, Reversal makes videos about the Pokemon Go app. News, tips and tricks are all found on his channel including entertaining gameplay. I love that he’s a fellow Dutchie, too! Absolutely love seeing bits of the Netherlands in his videos and I always go back to his channel when I get homesick in England.

Reversal’s Channel

Mischa Crossing

I came across Mischa’s channel a couple of months ago and I’ve been absolutely loving her content ever since. She mainly makes videos about Animal Crossing but she also plays lots of other games like Stardew Valley and Zelda. I love her videos on YouTube but she’s also on Twitch a lot! She recently hit 20K subscribers and I think she deserves lots more so if you don’t know her yet, please go and check her out!

Mischa’s Channel

Jenn Im

Jenn Im has been making videos for years. The Korean American vlogger focusses on beauty and fashion, but my absolute videos are her monthly vlogs. I learn a lot about fashion and beauty from her main videos, but seeing her everyday life motivates me so much to work hard on my own goals and dreams. Jenn seems like such a radiant and possitive person, it’s hard not to like her.

Jenn’s Channel


Sharla is my favourite Japan vlogger! Coming from Canada, she’s been living in Japan for over 10 years. Her videos are usually about living in Japan and Japanese culture, but her other videos are really fun to watch too. Videos about her life, her husband and cats, but also about video games she likes (she plays Pokemon Go, too!) and so much more. If you like Japan vloggers you probably already know her, but if you don’t, go check her out!

Sharla’s Main Channel
Sharla’s Vlogging Channel

Taylor Nicole Dean

I don’t remember how I discovered Taylor’s channel but I’m very happy I did. Taylor makes vidoes about her pets. And she has a LOT of pets. Also some really crazy cool ones. I don’t own pets myself because I’m not allowed in my little Manchester flat. (Gotta do it with my plants and my Pokemon plushies). But I really enjoy watching her videos! They’ve very educational and super entertaining! Even if you don’t have pets – like me – you should definitly check out her channel!

Taylor’s Channel

What’s your favourite YouTubers?
Are you on YouTube yourself?

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2 comments on “Favourite YouTube Channels”

  1. I have never heard about Jenn, but she looks pretty 🙂 The YouTubers I enjoy watching are Fleurdeforce, (she also has a vlogging channel) nikkiphillippi, (her vlog channel too) Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII has comedic videos) her vlog channel too, Matthew Hussey (dating expert coach and life coach) And many more, but I would be writing a lot here 😛

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