Hey everybody! It’s been a while. As you might have read in my last blogpost, 2017 was kinda shitty for me. I overworked, overeat on unhealthy snacks, overstressed and underslept. Especially by combining a part time job, my last year at university and a blog, I felt like I needed to step away from at least one of them for a little while. Still having to pay my rent and also kinda wanting to get my degree in July, I decided that I needed a little break from blogging.

But we’re back!

What I did in January

January was a busy month. My part time job asked for quite a few extra hours to make up for the hours I missed while seeing my family in the Netherlands over Christmas. I had two massive university deadlines. I finished the first draft of the YA novella I’m writing for my dissertation. And on top of that I really tried to start making changes in my life to start looking after myself more.

2018 is hopefully going to be the year in which I start to heal myself from the insane workload of 2017 and the unreasonable expectations I set for myself. One of the things I strongly believe in is that your habits make or break your goals. Which is why I started tracking certain habits that I think will help me physically and mentally. I use an app called HabitBull. It motivates me so much to keep up with the habits I want to gain and the habits I want to lose.

I started meditating every evening before going to sleep to put my mind at ease. In the past I never thought meditation was for me, or thought I wouldn’t be good at it. Now I’m doing it very regularly I realise you can’t really be bad at it, you just need to do it. If your mind wonders off, that’s fine! Because I’m still very new to it, I stick to guided meditations on YouTube. My favourites are by Jason Stephenson. I really hope it will help with my anxiety in the long run.

It’s not official but I think I’ve turned myself into a vegetarian over the course of January. Moving towards a more plant based diet has been a goal of mine for many months. Especially after my documentary binge when I was stuck in bed with the flu, the effects of the meat industry on our planet and the effects of meat on your body became very clear to me. The only thing that keeps me from being fully vegan is cheese. Cheese is just so damn hard to resist! I’m super happy to have cut out meat, milk and eggs out of my diet though. I already feel the positive impact it’s making in my life.

Another thing I started doing is keeping a bullet journal. Well… It’s not really a bullet journal because I don’t plan out my weeks, activities and deadlines. Instead I use it to give me some more insights of myself. I truly believe that in order to take better care of myself and heal myself, I need to get to know myself better. In this bullet journal I started tracking my spending habits (oh boy…), lists with things that make me happy, give me energy and things that cause anxiety or stress. I’ve been using it as a sort of dairy too, making notes on how things affect me. I’m still trying to figure out what all of these things mean but the more I write it in it, the more I start noticing these things on day to day bases.

In order to learn more about myself I’ve also been doing certain personality type tests and reading a lot about them. I don’t want to put myself in a certain box, but combining the things out of these tests that are relevant for myself has been really eye opening. I also had my birth astrology chart read by one of my astrology twitter friends. It checks what sign each planet was in at the time of your birth and how that influences your personality. Astrology isn’t something that I’ve ever put much interest in, but the reading was weirdly accurate! I’m still in two minds about whether I believe in astrology, but it’s a nice starting point to learn more about myself.

Getting my astrology chart read is a thing I’ve always wanted to get done. It felt so good to finally cross it off my list! It made me set a new goal for 2018; do something out of your comfort zone every month, something that I’ve always wanted to do but never did.

Donating blood will be that thing for the month of February. Yesterday I signed up to become a blood donor. My fear of needles held me back for years. When I had blood samples taken last November that fear was magically cured because it definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Giving blood also gives me the opportunity to find out my blood type. I’m not sure what a certain blood type says about a person but it’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to know about myself too. Plus, donating blood is such an amazing and easy way to help those who need it.

Tomorrow I start my new gym membership too. When I lived in student halls I worked out a lot. There was a free gym for residents located on the ground floor. When I moved to a different place I started neglecting my physical health which resulted into neglecting my mental health as well. There is no need for me to lose any weight. It would probably be healthier for me to gain a bit of weight. My reasons for working out are different – I want to feel healthier, clear my mind, sleep better, help my mental and physical health and finally gain some muscles! I’m very excited to start working out again and I really hope it’ll help me with the problems I’m facing.

It’s good to be back writing on The Navigatio again. I hope you guys had a great start of the year. How are you working towards your 2018 goals?


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1 comment on “My January Blogging-Break”

  1. I am always astounded by how much you can pack into a month, Nele! Despite being so busy with university work and your part time job, you seem to have made so many positive changes! I applaud your vegetarianism especially, I made that change last summer and I haven’t looked back! I share your feelings about cheese though, I could easily give up all other forms of dairy but cheese is JUST SO DARN GOOD. However, I managed to go the whole of veganuary without having any, so I might see how long I can hold out! Well done with giving blood too, you inspired me to find out where my local blood drive is taking place, I will definitely be going along! Wishing you nothing but love and light as 2018 continues, great to see you posting again!

    Abbey xx

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