The Navigatio

In short; The Navigatio means The Voyage in Latin; a website about my life studying and living abroad, lifestyle and my passion for travel and video games. Sounds like a lot, right? I know… For over seven years I have had online blogging projects spawning all over the internet. It started with posts written in broken English, almost unreadable as 13 year old me hardly knew any English. Looking back at it now, it’s where my love for writing and the English language started blooming.

Then why does The Navigatio have such a wide variety of content? Because I tried, very hard, to create blogs that would focus on only travelling, a blog especially for lifestyle post, another blog were I would post things about games and my obsession with Japan, but it didn’t work. It didn’t feel right. People are complex, they have more than one interest. This is why I finally decided to focus on all of these wonderful passions and write about what I want to share. I’m a diverse person with many passions and interests, so why would my blog be about only one of them?

Nele (Nayla)

The girl behind all of this is me, Nele (Nayla). Dutch. 22 years old. Living in England.

I grew up in the Netherlands, in a small village near the Belgium border with my mom, dad and two younger sisters. Even though my first language is Dutch, as soon as I started learning English in high school I realized that I somehow can express myself better in English. Other than my passion for English I developed a passion for music, Japanese culture and video games.

Because of my love for music, I applied for a music degree after finishing high school. But being only 16 and having no realistic view on the music industry, I was declined. Without having a proper plan B, I rushed into a communication degree. I dropped out five months later.

The only classes I enjoyed during my five months in my degree course was English. I had always enjoyed English in high school, but not being able to learn vocabulary quickly I almost failed my English class. It had never even crossed my mind to study English because, even though I spoke to people online in English and prefered writing English over writing in Dutch, the bad grades in my high school classes made me believe I was bad at it.

After dropping out of my communication degree course I took a gap year. A year to work in a retail shop and get the right qualifications to chase a new dream; Study English and Creative Writing in Manchester, England. A pretty big and crazy plan for an 18 year old Dutch girl who believed to have bad English skills to improve.

In 2014 I moved to Manchester to start an access to higher education course. A one year course to get the right qualifications to get into a University in England. One year later I started my dream degree course that I have been loving ever since.  (My whole “moving to England” and “getting into an English university” stories are up on my blog in more detail if you’re interested!)

I now study a fulltime English and Creative Writing degree, take Japanese classes on the side and work as a waitress in a hotel bar during the weekends.  As I said before, this blog will about my life in England but also about things that I enjoy! If you have any questions about me, collaborations or advertisements, please head to the contact page and send me a message!