Collect 100 Rejections | 2 Months Update

100 rejection challenge

Back in September I wrote about how I was going to try and collect 100 rejections over the next 12 months. You can read the full article here. Today, I’m sharing my experience of the challenge two months in. The main reason why I wanted to try it was to put myself outside of my […]

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Collect 100 Rejections | Graduate Goal

100 rejection goal

Last summer I graduated university with an English and Creative Writing degree. Due to lack of funds I decided not to do a Masters degree, which means I’m officially a graduate who needs to start figuring out ADULT LIFE! (spoiler: it’s scary and I don’t feel prepared! Help!) To  give myself that little push in […]

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What are my plans after graduation?

I can finally say that I will officially be graduating at the end of this month. Can you believe it? Of course, graduating university was my goal when I moved to England four years ago. But now that goal is so close to completion, it feels unreal. I’m so proud of myself to have worked […]

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Rook Piercing – Price, Pain and Care

After getting seven piercings in my earlobes and one helix piercing, I thought I was done with the whole “decorate my ears” phase. Until my friend Charlotte got a rook piercing. I loved how minimalistic it looked, because it’s quite hidden. She offered to come with me the week after to get one myself. I’m […]

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As a lover and student of creative writing, literature and storytelling I’ve decided that I do not read enough for my aspiring profession. I need to obsorbe stories! My Kindle has helped me read more books than my set reading goals, but now I have discovered another amazing tool that helps me consume book after […]

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The Online Spring Clean

After an almost never-ending winter, spring is finally here. And besides the upcoming flowers, slightly warmer weather and little green leafs, it’s also time for the well-known spring clean. One mistake most of us make is that we focus on our physical space only, even though we spend a lot of time in our online […]

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Falling out of love with Instagram

It’s been about a year since I started my blogging Instagram account. It quickly grew to be my favourite social media platform. A platform where I could express myself in a fun, creative way but also engage with a lot of old and new followers. I loved seeing my account grow and my photos being […]

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Four Documentaries you should watch

A few weeks ago I was stuck in bed with a horrible flu. In between taking flu tablets, sipping on tea and crawling into the kitchen to fill up my hot water bottle, I was stuck in bed watching documentaries. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. I’ve been on a documentary binge! Instead of the usual […]

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