My favorite video games

As I kid I loved video games. From online games like runescape and neopets to playing Mario kart on the wii with my sisters. Near the end of my high school career and the start of my higher education – dropping out of my first course, taking a gap year and then moving to England […]

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How I edit my instagram photos

Out of all social media platforms, instagram is by far my favourite. I love seeing all the creativity that is put into making sure your feed looks good, your pictures show personality and being able to engage with your followers in such a great way. I’ve been on instagram with a personal account for years, […]

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My Cruelty Free Skincare Routine

As long as I’ve been using make-up and skincare products I’ve made sure I only bought from brands that don’t test on animals. I just don’t see why animals would have to suffer for something as silly as cosmetics!? By not buying any cosmetic products that are tested on animals, I make sure that I […]

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