Personal Growth


As a lover and student of creative writing, literature and storytelling I’ve decided that I do not read enough for my aspiring profession. I need to obsorbe stories! My Kindle has helped me read more books than my set reading goals, but now I have discovered another amazing tool that helps me consume book after […]

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The Online Spring Clean

After an almost never-ending winter, spring is finally here. And besides the upcoming flowers, slightly warmer weather and little green leafs, it’s also time for the well-known spring clean. One mistake most of us make is that we focus on our physical space only, even though we spend a lot of time in our online […]

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Four Documentaries you should watch

A few weeks ago I was stuck in bed with a horrible flu. In between taking flu tablets, sipping on tea and crawling into the kitchen to fill up my hot water bottle, I was stuck in bed watching documentaries. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. I’ve been on a documentary binge! Instead of the usual […]

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