Sexual Health Awareness Month*

Sexual Health

Something a little bit different today, but something definitely worth mentioning a little more often! September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and it surprises me that even in 2018 there’s such a big tabboo around sex and sexual health. Like topics such as mental health, we should be able to talk about these kind of […]

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Meet my plants + How I take care of them

You might have “met” them already because I post pictures of my plants everywhere on social media, but I thought it’d be fun to properly introduce my little plants and explain how to take care of them. I always thought I was a houseplant serial killer, unable to keep any living thing alive for longer […]

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The Dangers of the Winter Sun

Today I’m super happy to announce the very first guest blog on The Navigatio. Written by the wonderful The Skin Careless. Make sure to check out her blog after reading this post! The dangers of the winter sun It’s a chilly winter morning. You reach over and pull apart the curtains and take a look outside […]

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Welcome to The Navigatio

Yes! Nele is blogging again! For over seven years I have had online blogging projects spawning all over the internet. It started with posts written in broken English, almost unreadable as 13 year old was still getting familiar with her second language. Looking back at it now, it’s where my love for writing and the […]

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