It’s been about a year since I started my blogging Instagram account. It quickly grew to be my favourite social media platform. A platform where I could express myself in a fun, creative way but also engage with a lot of old and new followers. I loved seeing my account grow and my photos being received so well. Going from 100 likes per photo to 600/700 per photo in only a matter of a few months. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t focus on the number, but sometimes it just feels nice.)

Over the last few months my opinion and feelings towards Instagram, its shitty updates and messed up algorhitms, have changed. Not only has engagement dropped to an all-time low, it feels that for every follower I gain, I lose about twenty. It feels like Instagram is making it impossible to reach followers unless you’re willing to spend real cash on it. Not that long ago it was easy to reach people through hashtags, engagement and nicely looking photography. Nowadays it feels like all of that is pointless unless you want to “promote” your posts.

The populatity contest that is called “Instagram” doesn’t even seem winable anymore without spending either hours engaging with others or paying real money for some extra likes.

I have gathered over 2000 followers and most of my photos are only seen by 400, maybe 500 people. The change in algorithm has  – and a lot of other instagrammers/blogger that I know – have develloped negative feelings towards the app.

I have to admit that I’m very shocked and a little bit disappointed in myself getting this upset over a few likes and followers. Yes, I’ve spend a lot of times on the app. Yes, it gave me a lot of pleasure seeing my account grow. But it’s not real. In the end it’s just some pixels on a screen, right?

And yet I am still using the platform. I’m trying to gain some positives from the situation. I’m trying to stop caring about the amount of likes, followers and comments I get on my instagram. Instagram can still be the place where I can express myself in a fun and creative way, through photography and miniature blogging in the captions. I’ve stopped setting goals for instagram. I’ll post whenever I want to and only when it makes me feel good, not just because I feel like I have to. I’m trying to use instagram story more often to show bits and pieces of my everyday life and it’s bringing some of the fun back into it.

My new favourite platform? Definitely twitter! The twitter community is so loving and caring! But we’ll see how long it takes for twitter to change up their algorithm and scare us bloggers away from their platform.

What do you think about instagram and the changed algorithm?
Are you still on instagram? What is your handle?

10 comments on “Falling out of love with Instagram”

  1. I absolutely agree with every your word! Instagram has a very strange algorithm at the moment. I know some accounts who have over 25k followers and get about 70 likes per picture. Twitter community is more engaging and live, but I still hope Instagram will get better.
    Thanks for your post 🙂

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I feel so bad about it though, I don’t want people to think that I “buy” my followers because I’ve worked so hard to get to this number but I barely get any likes 🙁 Twitter is way better atm for me 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you! I was so in love with instagram and sharing my posts and my “life” and actually gaining a lot of followers… but now, when I need it more, especially because I’m starting a blog I reach to no one… but I still try anyways…

  3. I haven’t joined instagram as yet…well I had an old account when I was younger but I deactivated that and now that I’ve started blogging I’m yet to use one again. lol hopefully for the New Years but this post and the tweets I’m seeing on Twitter are discouraging me cause it seems like it’s not fun anymore 🙁

    xx Lena |

    • It can still be a lot of fun, but the way they changed the app and the algorithm just seem super unfair for users who have spend hours and hours on the app trying to build a community but now aren’t able to reach that community 🙁 I definitely prefer twitter atm!

  4. I remember first joining Instagram aged about 17 and getting upwards of 700 likes on every photo! I adored the platform and getting the interaction spurred me on to creating lots more content! Now, however, I am delighted when a photo hits 100 likes – I just don’t see a lot of content on my feed from people I’m interested in, and I have to consciously go looking for their photos to like and interact with them! It really is disappointing! I have considered just not bothering with Insta any more so many times, but instead I now just curate my feed and my pics for me and nobody else, and try not to get tooooo disheartened when a photo inevitably flops!

    Abbey ❄️

  5. I really like Instagram then twitter, but I’m not a blogger like you. I’m thinking to start like a official blogger. But I’m still thinking about it. I’m not sure is it worth it if you guys said it’s hard to get followers.

  6. Just found you, your blog and your instagram and I’m very happy to be following you over at IG which still is, eve after all this mess, my fave social media channel ^.^

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