You might have “met” them already because I post pictures of my plants everywhere on social media, but I thought it’d be fun to properly introduce my little plants and explain how to take care of them. I always thought I was a houseplant serial killer, unable to keep any living thing alive for longer than a week, but I have proven myself wrong. Not only can I keep them alive, I’ve grown rather fond of them and really enjoy seeing my plants grow!

My plants


If you’re scared you won’t be able to keep a plant alive, get a cactus to start with. They’re adorable, pretty trendy and super easy to take care of. They can deal with temperature changes quite well and barely need any water or repotting. I’ve got three myself. Carlos, the big one, and two little ones who I never named (if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!)


Another one of the easiest plants I own, my palm. Her name is Pam and she’s grown quite a bit since I got her last year. Palms do need some nice sunlight and watering once a week during winter, twice a week during summer. But once again, very hard to kill!

Raindrop plant

Raindrop plants are another super easy houseplant. It’s okay with little variations in temperature in the house, needs some sunlight and water but doesn’t need too much attention. My raindrop is called Rey (Star Wars reference, yes!) and she’s been exploding! I got her six months ago and I recently had to repot her already because she’s been growing so much! It’s so fun seeing all the new leafs spawn so quickly.


I bought River, my ivy, to green-up my new bedroom a little. Because it’s a lot smaller than my previous bedroom, I had to move most of my plants into the living room. Leaving my bedroom not-so-green. I found a little space on my wardrobe where I thought a plant would fit perfectly. Especially a plant that would grow over it nicely. An ivy would be perfect!

River has had some issues with dying leafs and I’m not quite sure what the problem was. I think the change from the outside plantshop to my bedroom might have stressed her, but I’m not sure. She seems to be doing a lot better now, even growing some baby leafs! I take care of River pretty much the same way I take care of my other plants, I water her once a week and make sure she gets some sunlight.

Bamboo plant

To be very honest, I totally forgot what kind of bamboo plant mine is. I called him Bellspout and that’s pretty much all I remember. I got him on a sale in my favourite plant shop in Manchester for a pound and I thought it was going to die pretty soon after I got him. His leafs were turning brown and I had to cut off so many of them. In the end, he started growing more leafs! A year later, he’s going great!

I water this bamboo once a week and keep it in the windowsill so it can soak up the sunlight.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

My parents bought me this beautiful bonsai tree when they came to visit me in Manchester. I have always wanted a bonsai tree but because I was convinced I’d kill every living plant by just touching it, I stayed away from them. Now I’ve been getting into my new plant hobby and feel ready to start taking care of this one. I named her Fa – after Fa Mulan (from the Disney movie). I’ve only had her for a few weeks so I can’t confirm if what I’m doing is the right way to take care of her, but I’ve been doing lots of research on it and it seems that the Chinese Elm is a perfect bonsai for beginners. I’m very excited to learn more about bonsai trees and I hope I can keep Fa as beautiful and happy as she is now!


Some things to keep in mind if you want to get some plants.

  1. If you want to repot a plant, make sure that the pot has holes in the bottom. If the excessive water can’t drain from the pot, the roots of your plant will rot. There’s not much you can do about rotting roots and your plant will most likely die. If you want to use a pot without holes in it, make sure to put some pebbles in the bottom before putting in the soil. This keeps the roots dry in case of overwatering.
  2. Make sure to get something to stray your plants with. Especially during wintertime when the radiators are on a lot, the air can get very dry and most plants don’t like that. Spray your plants every now and then or get a humidifier (I got a cheap one from amazon and it’s been an absolute lifesaver!)
  3. Most plants require watering once or twice a week, but make sure to check the soil regularly. If it’s dry, water it some more. If it’s too wet, water it less. There’s no right “schedule” on when to water plants, you have to see what they need.

Do you have any houseplants?
Are there any you’d like to have?

8 comments on “Meet my plants + How I take care of them”

  1. First of all great pics! Love your plants have names. Second great choice of plants…I was thinking of giving a plant to a friend…now after reading this I will choose the palm. Definitely great choice…super cute post. Keep it up

  2. I have always thought of myself as a houseplant serial killer too as my mum is really proud of her plants but I’ve never really felt drawn in the same way. However, your post is making me want to go out and get a few for myself. I’m thinking cacti would be perfect to get me started and the Chinese elm bonsai looks super cool. Your photos are fantastic by the way and I love the names (especially Rey)! Thank you for sharing, Nele!

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment! To be honest I always thought I would kill any plant but once you start with some easy ones, you might fall in love with it as much as your mom c:

  3. I have recently started welcoming house plants into my home – one miniature cactus and one aloe vera plant and they really are lovely to have around! It was really heartwarming to hear the stories behind some of your plants, their names and how you care for them! This is exactly the wholesome blog content that I live for haha! I will have to repot my aloe vera plant with some stones in the bottom to avoid root rot, thanks for that tip!

    Abbey 💓

  4. What a lovely collection of plants you have. I actually needed to read this really bad. Every plant I touch dies haha! Maybe I should make it my NY resolution to keep at least one alive this year. Thanks for all your tips!


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