Four reasons to visit Austria in Summer

Last week I spent hiking in the beautiful Austrian mountains with my family. We didn’t have any summer plans – only me going back to the Netherlands to visit them – but my mom spontaneously booked a holiday on a Monday and we left on the next day. I’ve been to Austria countless times, mainly in the winter for skiing. I’ve been to Austria in summer a couple of times as a kid but it’s different visiting it in different seasons. I have loved being there in summer and already miss the beautiful mountains! Here are some reasons I think you would love the Austrian mountains in the summertime, too!

Austria in summer

The Beautiful Austrian Nature

When you live in a big city most of the year, it’s amazing to surround yourself by nature for a change. And nature purer than Austrian nature is hard to find. The mountains are covered in plants, trees and little streams of water. On a hike, you can totally surround yourself in it. There’s hardly anything manmade on the tracks and we only ran into a handful of other hikers. The air is fresh and completely free from pollution. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of the birds and the forest. But even outside the mountains, there’s so much beauty to discover. Bright blue lakes to swim in and sit nearby to enjoy the sun.
At night the sky isn’t polluted by light as it is in the city, but the sky is so dark you can see hundreds of stars. It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

Austria Summer

Get Active in the Mountains

Austria gives the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities. Even if you’re not a fan of activities like hiking or biking, there are always other things to do outside that aren’t as intensive. I did love going on hikes, choosing the less steep ones! Especially in such beautiful scenery, the hikes are definitely worth the effort. Other things to do outside in nature are boat rides or even paragliding!

Austria Summer

The Calming Atmosphere

It’s very easy to relax when you’re in such beautiful and calm scenery. It’s been quite a stressful year for me so far and I needed to relax. The week I spent in Austria really let me calm down and get things straight in my head. Nature, the calm atmosphere and the fresh air have had such a good impact on my mental health. It’s allowed me to totally de-stress and give me enough new energy to tackle everything that was still stuck on my to-do list.

The Amazing Austrian Cuisine

Austrian cuisine is pretty amazing, in my opinion. Just to list a few of my favourites; Frittatensuppe, schnitzel, käsespätzle, and wildragout. Not only the food, but I also love the varieties of beers they have that fit with every meal.

Have you ever visited Austria in summer? Would you prefer to go on hikes or lay near the beautiful lakes getting a nice tan? Let me know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Four reasons to visit Austria in Summer”

  1. I have never visited Austria, but it’s certainly on my wishlist now! I can’t choose between hiking and tanning, I’d love to do both! x

  2. Such gorgeous photos! This is a really good idea. I’m going to Austria in September but I’ll be exploring Vienna instead. Will definitely consider visiting the Mountains too though!

  3. I’ve been to Austria when I was younger but I can always remember just how beautiful it was (and that the food was very yummy!) You’ve taken such beautiful photos, and I especially love the first one as the mist makes it look slightly magical… It makes me want to go back again!

  4. I’ve not been to Austria before but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit – your photography is so stunning and makes the mountains look amazing like something out of a dream x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  5. I’ve never been abroad before, but the photographs and descriptions in your post really make me want to some day. Austria looks amazing; I love the scenary you’ve managed to capture. I’d definitely prefer someone in nature than somewhere where you lie down and catch a tan if I were to ever go abroad. I mean, I live relatively in the country, so I have a lot of that sort of stuff on my doorstep, but it’s different when you’re in another country, isn’t it?

  6. Wow it looks so stunning there! Hope you had a great time and enjoyed that beautiful view. Your photography is amazing as well

  7. Love this post, and your photographs too! That first one is so gorgeous. I think Austria might have just landed on my need to visit list, it looks so beautiful <3


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