Living Abroad

The “Living Abroad Blues”


It’s that time of the year. University essays are piling up, my bank account is worried about the amount of Christmas presents I still need to buy and I am missing home. My parents’ visit to England last week was absolutely amazing! But soon as they left a massive wave of homesickness crashed over me. […]

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How to become an English teacher online

TEFL English Teacher Online

As you might know, I follow an English and Creative Writing degree course at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. I’m starting my third and last year in September 2017, hoping to get my bachelor degree in July 2018. The dream is to get a writing/editorial job straight after university, so why am I following a […]

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Student House UK Room Tour ’16/’17

Student House UK Room Tour

In July I moved out of my student hall/dorm room into a little house that I started renting with four of my best friends here in Manchester. It’s amazing to be able to live with friends instead of random people and share a bathroom, living room and kitchen with them instead. My bedroom in our […]

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How To Improve Your English

best japanese language apps

Surprise; English is my second language! Okay, maybe not a surprise because I’m quite open about it. But still – not too bad, right? In this blog post, I wanted to explain how I’ve learned English, how I constantly work on improving my foreign language skills and some tips on how to improve your English. […]

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How To Get Into University In England?

how to get into english university as an immigrant

Studying abroad for a semester or one academic year is quite a common thing nowadays. Doing a full-time degree abroad is a different story. And yet here I am, having finished a full-time degree in English and Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. It has been tough, but it’s been by far the best things […]

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The Cons Of Being Bilingual

Speaking more than one language is awesome. It helps your brain stay young, it can help your career and allows you to meet tons more people! But… Living in a country where they don’t speak your first language can get a little tricky… My English has definitely improved since moving to the UK, but there […]

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