Kyoto, Japan | Travel Guide

Fushimi inari kyoto travel tips

Kyoto is one of the more traditional cities in Japan. It’s only two short hours from Tokyo when traveling by the bullet train and more than worth visiting to soak up the beautiful culture Japan has to offer. There are lots of shrines to visit, temples to see and places to explore. If you want […]

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Resources to Learn Japanese

Almost a year ago I started taking Japanese classes at my university. I already had some basic knowledge from self-study but the “pressure” of having deadlines helps me revise much better than having to do it all by myself. Also having a Japanese native teaching me the things I find difficult saves me a lot […]

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Learning Japanese

I am studying Japanese! Yes, the language that seems so difficult associated with anime and sushi. On top of my normal English and Creative Writing degree course, I take extra Japanese classes as my university provides them and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn Japanese from a Japanese teacher. I’ve […]

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