Best Independent Coffee Shops in Manchester, UK

Best independent coffee shops Manchester

She’s talking about coffee AND Manchester again, lads. Hold your horses! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my obsession with coffee. And for those who are new: Hi! I’m an ex-barista coffee snob that writes travel articles fueled by caffeine! Coffee is one thing, but then there’s Manchester. The other love […]

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4 Day Prague Itinerary

view over prague

In recent years, Prague has turned into one of Europe’s top destinations. It has the perfect mixture of history, gorgeous architecture, exciting things to do and of course… cheap beer! What else do you want? This 4 day Prague itinerary is an example of how you can spend four days in Prague and see some […]

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The Ultimate 4 Day Paris Itinerary

Notre Dame Paris

Exploring the city of light and love can seem a little daunting, as there are so many things to do! If you have four days in Paris, this guide will show you how to plan your trip in the most efficient way. I’ve visited Paris quite a few times (five, to be precise) and it’s […]

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7 Days in the Czech Republic Roadtrip Itinerary

Czech Republic Itinerary Travel Guide

This summer, I was lucky enough to finally visit the Czech Republic. This seven-day road trip took me to some of the best spots in the country. Czechia is filled with culture, castles, history, colourful houses and some beautiful nature parks. As tourism has been growing pretty rapidly in the Czech Republic over the last […]

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10 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary

sri lanka 10 day itinerary

Sri Lanka is a country of contrasts: Colonial buildings, modern supermarkets, luxurious beach resorts and peaceful temples. This 10 day Sri Lanka itinerary takes you on a journey of discovery through some of the countries best highlights. After the horrible bombing in early 2019, tourism was at an all-time low in Sri Lanka. Luckily, things […]

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One Day Osaka Itinerary

Osaka is one of Japan’s largest and most popular cities to visit. Located near Kyoto and Nara, it’s a perfect addition to your trip to Japan. On a tight time schedule? Here is how to see the highlights in 24 hours!

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10 Day California Road Trip Itinerary

yosemite california road trip 10 day

California, the Golden State. When travelling through the United States of America, I spent ten days driving through California. This state is a perfect mix of the most beautiful nature parks and exciting, lively cities. In this 10 day California road trip itinerary, I will show you how to see the best of this state […]

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