Pokemon Go Safari Zone Paris | Review

pokemon Go Paris Safari Zone Event (4)

On September 16 (my birthday!) my boyfriend and I were in Paris for the first Pokemon Go Safari Zone event. I’ve been loving Pokemon Go since it first came out and when we heard there was a special event being hosted on my birthday, we decided we had to be there! Now I’m back in […]

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Four reasons to visit Austria in Summer

Austria in summer

Last week I spent hiking in the beautiful Austrian mountains with my family. We didn’t have any summer plans – only me going back to the Netherlands to visit them – but my mom spontaneously booked a holiday on a Monday and we left on the next day. I’ve been to Austria countless times, mainly […]

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Five Days in Rome, Italy | The Perfect Itinerary

Rome, Italy – popular for its beautiful architecture, its amazing food, and its romantic atmosphere. Popular for visitors from all across the globe, and with good reason. Not sure what to see during your trip to Rome? Here is a five-day itinerary for the perfect Rome trip. Top tip: Visiting Europe for the first time […]

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The Best Resources To Study Japanese

what japanese text books are the best

During my time at university, I took a year of Japanese classes . I already had some basic knowledge from self-study but the pressure of having deadlines helped me revise much better than having to do it all by myself. Having a native speaker teaching me also helped me a lot! Now I have graduated from […]

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How To Start Studying Japanese

How to start learning Japanese

I’m studying Japanese! On top of my normal English and Creative Writing degree course, I used to take extra Japanese classes. My university provided them and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn Japanese from a Japanese teacher. Now I’ve graduated from university, I’ve been trying to self-teach myself more. In […]

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