As many of you might know, I graduated from university in the summer of 2018. Moving to the UK to follow the English and Creative Writing degree course at MMU had been my main goal for all these years. Now I’ve achieved it, the job search kinda scared me. Especially since I’m still a foreigner with a foreign passport and a bit of an accent. On top of that, my dream job is in the creative field! Two factors that weren’t going to make the job hunt any easier. Fortunately, I got very, very lucky and managed to get a job offer for an absolute dream job pretty much straight away after coming back from my Japan trip. Today, I’m sharing more about what my new job is and how I got it.

What’s my new job?

I am now a digital marketing assistant & copywriter at a really cool and innovative company in Manchester called Swifty Scooters. As part of my job I help writing the copy for products, I write most of the blog posts for the website, I help run the social media accounts, plan social media strategies and help with the website SEO! It’s so exciting I get to do what I love for a salary instead of doing all these things as a hobby on this website. It’s honestly a dream come true! In the month since I started working there, I’ve already learned so much about blogging and marketing.

How did I get this job?

I won’t deny that I’ve been super lucky to get a writing job straight out of university, but I definitely think that I’ve had some influence on it as well. Of course, getting a 2:1 in a Creative Writing degree helped me to get this job. But I think the main reason is the things I did on the side of my degree. I worked part-time to pay for the bills, which shows that I have good work ethics and that I know what to do in a working environment. Those jobs might not have been very relevant to the position I have now, but it does show that I’m motivated. 

Another thing that I know played a big part in this is my blog and the freelance writing I’ve done outside my degree. I started this blog in 2017, after finishing my second year at university. The main reason was to build up a portfolio of my writing, but in the long run I would’ve liked to make it a source of income too. Luckily, this blog has taught me so much more than just writing. I know tons about photography, SEO, website building, social media and much more. All of these are relevant to my job and are things I never expected to love doing this much!

On top of that, I’ve been writing for other websites and have been commissioned to write some freelance articles for websites as British Airway and Wayfair. I think it showed them that I am really passionate about what I do and was willing to spent extra time on this even though I was already busy with a degree and my part-time work.

Where did I find the job?

Believe it or not, I didn’t apply for this job specifically. I was in the middle of applying for other jobs when I was called for an interview. I looked on websites as LinkedIn, Reed and Indeed and applied for about 18 jobs. (I know, that really isn’t a lot – for part time jobs in the past I’ve applied to 50+ jobs and barely got any replies) I also changed my status on LinkedIn to “searching for a job”. Through LinkedIn, a recruiter found me and called me about the job interview. Before I knew it I got a call back saying I was offered the position!

I feel incredibly lucky to have been offered this position and being able to work for such a great company straight out of university. I’m sure I’m going to learn tons here and I’m very excited to see what my skills can mean for them!

What are you doing for a living?

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