As long as I’ve been using make-up and skincare products I’ve made sure I only bought from brands that don’t test on animals. I just don’t see why animals would have to suffer for something as silly as cosmetics!? By not buying any cosmetic products that are tested on animals, I make sure that I don’t fund this unethical way to generate more money for big companies. Anyways, today I’m sharing my cruelty free skincare routine with you guys in case you’re still looking for some awesome skincare products. I’ve been using these products for over half a year now and my skin feels and look so much healthier. As I’m only a university student, these aren’t too expensive either and have had really good results on my skin.

Step  1 – Cleaning wipes

The first step is to take off all my make up with the E.L.F. Makeup remover cleansing cloths*. I use it to take off the majority of my foundation and eye make-up. These make-up wipes are super affordable and work just as well as their more expensive competitors.

Step 2 – Cleanser

I’m a double cleanser, yes. I use the Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser* to get rid of the last traces of make up on my skin that the cleaning wipes failed to remove. It leaves my skin completely free from all the make-up and gets it ready for the rest of my skincare routine.

Step 3 – Exfoliate

I don’t exfoliate every day because I don’t want to harm my skin because it tent to be quite sensitive. I try to do it at least once or twice a week. Especially since I live in a city it feels good to get all the pollution and dead skin cells removed from my face. I use the Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub*. The reason I’m using the Grapefruit version is to even out my skin tone a little. It leaves my skin very hydrated and feeling fresh.

Step 4 – Serum

The serum I’ve been using is the OZ Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum and it’s been a total game changer. I don’t use it every day, but I especially like using it after I exfoliate. With a clean skin that is free from dead skin cells it gives the serum the best chance to penetrate the skin properly.  I use a serum that contains Vitamin C to brighten up my skin and give my skin a little bit of anti-aging relief. (Yes, yes, I’m only 21 but can’t start early enough!)

Step 5 – Moisturizer and eye crème

Having a combination skin, I use moisturizer and eye crème every day. There’s some patches on my face that are very dry, whereas others are very oily. I tent to use moisturizer all over my face and neck but giving some extra attention to those places that are usually very dry. Especially with my night moisturizer because overnight the crème will slowly absorb into the skin and leave it nice and hydrated. Same thing counts for my eye crème, I put it on after the moisturizer in the evening to give it enough time to be absorbed by my skin overnight.
If you have any recommendations for products please let me know in the comments and I’ll try them out!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, I’ve listed all the items below at the cheapest price I could find them! (I couldn’t find the Kruidvat nightcreme and eyecreme on Amazon because it’s a Dutch brand, but if you live in the Netherlands it’s definitly worth a try!)

*This post includes affiliate links.

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