After moving to Manchester and starting the stressful student life, I slowly slipped into the love for coffee. Not only to get me through the sleepless nights, but I’ve grown to really love the taste of them! Especially since I work as a barista outside of university. Today, we’re talking about one of my favourite coffee shops in Manchester: Ezra & Gil.

ezra and gill manchester
Ezra & Gill

The Vibes

The first time I went to Ezra&Gil I immediately fell in love with the vibe of the place. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the wooden furniture fits in perfectly with the Northern Quarter feeling. The decorations on the tables and on the walls are simply perfect. I want my own flat to look like this! Another little extra that I loved is that dogs are allowed in the cafe. There are some free dog treats and water bowls. Besides it being dog-friendly, it’s also laptop friendly. There are enough plugs in the cafe and with the amazing range of food they serve, you can easily spend hours there.

Manchester NQ
Ezra and Gill Coffeehouse

The Menu

Ezra & Gil have a pretty wide variety of dishes and drinks. It’s a brunch-like menu with both sweet and savoury options. I haven’t tried all the dishes out myself, but I’ve seen some amazing looking meals pass me while I was enjoying my own. There are lots of vegetarian/vegan options too, which I think is great! There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

ezra and gill manchester

The Coffee

There’s nothing bad to say about their coffees either. Ezra&Gil have a good variety of coffees, including soya/almond milk option. My favourite is their almond milk cappuccino. If you’re not a coffee person, there’s also a wide variety of loose leaf teas available.

Ezra&Gill NQ

Ezra&Gil is pretty far up my list of favourite places in Manchester to grab a cup of coffee and either read or get on with some work. The staff is incredibly friendly and I always leave in a happy mood. I’d definitely recommend visiting this beautiful cafe if you’re in Manchester.

Ever want to check out this beautiful cafe?
20 Hilton St, Manchester M1 1FR
Open 7:30AM-8PM on weekdays
8AM-8PM on weekends

15 Comments on Erza&Gil in Manchester|Review

  1. What an amazing idea for a series of posts. God, I wish you lived in the same are for me and I would visit them all. I love coffee and I love discovering new cafes.

    Roxie |

  2. Hooray for coffee shops that allow dogs! Free treats and water bowls on offer is a lovely touch for canine owners! I managed to go through four years of uni without drinking coffee which some of my friends found quite impressive haha, I don’t like the taste much but I’m glad it’s grown on you! This place has very “moody” but welcoming vibes, I love the decor as well! Having plant based milk is great too, I always have soy milk hot chocolates, yum!

    Abbey 💗

    • Four years of uni without any coffee!!!! That is impressive haha! And yes, I absolutely adore how dogs are allowed here. Got such a soft spot for dogs anyway, seeing them sat their next to their owners made me so happy!

  3. I wish I was in Manchester right now! That cafe looks amazing and your photography is sooooo good! What did you use to take the photos? 🙂

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