As I kid I loved video games. From online games like runescape and neopets to playing Mario kart on the wii with my sisters. Near the end of my high school career and the start of my higher education – dropping out of my first course, taking a gap year and then moving to England – I lost the interested and time for playing video games. I played some silly games on my phone every now and then but do those count? Just before moving to England, I fell in love with gaming again. I bought a 3DS XL with the Animal Crossing New Leaf. Having loved the game as a kid I was excited to play the new version.  That was the start of me getting back into playing video games. And I love it! Today I’m sharing my 4 all-time favourite games/gaming franchises.

1. Animal Crossing

Animal crossing is actually the first Nintendo game I played as a kid. I got it with my DS lite and my mom had to help me with the tutorials because I didn’t speak any English yet and the game didn’t have a Dutch language option. I loved the game though and learned to play it quite quickly. When Animal Crossing New Leaf came out it was enough reason for me to buy a 3DS XL including the game. I was also super excited about the Happy Home Designer game that came out a couple of years ago. What I love so much about this franchise is the characters that you start to care about, the endless possibilities you have in your village and the collectors aspect of the games. I love collecting things, and filling up your encyclopedia, museum and finding the right furniture sets is something that really speaks to me. It’s super addictive and I love playing it! The only problem is getting back to the game after you’ve neglected it for a while, seeing all the weeds in your once perfect town is sometimes a little hard.
Choosing between Wild World and New Leaf is pretty much impossible for me! I love the extra things you can do in New Leaf but Wild World gives me so many nostalgic feelings! It’s been such a big part of my childhood and I definitely prefer the music in Wild World, too.

2. Pokemon

If you follow me on other social media you might have come across my love (uhm.. obsession?) for the Pokemon franchise. Having loved the series and the pokemon cards as a kid, finding myself still playing the games feels pretty great. I own pretty much every main pokemon game that’s out there. Including some titles like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger. I have also been loving Pokemon Go ever since it came out. Unfortunately now I’m in the Netherlands over the summer I don’t get to play it as much because there’s hardly any pokestops, pokemon or gyms in the small countryside village my parents live in.
My favourite pokemon games are; Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Go.

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley came out last year and after seeing how much it resembled Harvest Moon – a game that I also loved as a kid – I bought it straight away. I played pretty much all evening. Stardew Valley is a mix between the beloved Harvest Moon series and Animal Crossing. A match made in heaven for me. I love the farmer elements in the game but what I love even more is the extras you can do. Things like fishing, mining, fight special monsters in the mine, complete quests and maintain relationships with the villagers. The pixel art of which the game is created is adorable and gives it such a nice retro-vibe. Also the music is amazing and makes the game even more fun to play. If you love Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, you have to check out this game if you haven’t already!

4. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is not the only game I love from the Mario franchise – obviously, most Mario games are amazing! – but Mario Kart is by far my all-time favorite Mario game. I’d be the last to admit that I’m any good at the game, but I love playing with my sisters when I’m home and with my boyfriend when I’m at his place. I’ve only ever focused on the single player mode on the DS version of the game, but my favorite part about Mario Kart is being able to play it with friends. My sisters recently bought a secondhand copy of Mario Kart Wii. I think it’s giving me a chance to improve my racing skills over the summer to impress my boyfriend when I’m back in England!

Of course there’s a lot of other games I really enjoy too, but these are the games/franchises I always go back to. Let me know your favorite video games in the comments!


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