As you might have read in my “How I edit my Instagram Photos” post, you know that Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform. I love how much creativity you can put into your photos and your feed as a whole. And some accounts that I follow really have their Instagram theme together! If you want to check out their pages, simply click on their username to go to their Instagram page!


As a plant lover myself, I am obsessed with Sarah’s Instagram page. Her love for plants is amazing and her bedroom is my absolute dream! Her cat is a cutie, too! Sarah also creates awesome YouTube videos which you can find in her Instagram bio.




I’ve only recently discovered Pattie’s Instagram page and I fell in love immediately. Her photos are so pretty! I love the nice autumn vibes that are going on in her recent photos. My favourites are the ones with the pretty books and her cat. Definitely check out her page.




Anna is an old online friend of mine and her photography is stunning! She knows exactly how to capture the right moment. Her captions are usually beautifully fitting quotes that always make my day. Her bullet journal and her coffee shots are two of my favourite things about her page. She’s such a sweetheart, make sure to check out her page too!



Sabsi’s Instagram page is by far my favourite Instagram account. Her style is absolutely perfect. Her cat is adorable, her plants are amazing, her style is fabulous! If you’re not following her already, make sure you do.





Maisie is a 17-year-old photography student from the UK and oh man can she take great photos! I’ve been following her for quite a while and her photography skills shine through her whole feed. Not only if her photography amazing, but her fashion style is also to die for!




Ana is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Her photography is brilliant and all her tattoos are absolutely gorgeous. Besides loving her photography, I love reading her captions. They always make you think or teach you a small lesson. She’s such an amazing person!




What I love about Tammy’s feed is the beautiful colours in her photography. Her fashion style is absolutely adorable and suits her so well. I love seeing Tammy’s photography on my feed because a lot of them relate to interests I have of my own: studio ghibli, Pokemon and other kawaii stuff!




Another must-follow feed in my opinion. Gorgeous photography that really caught my eye because of the beautiful colours and props. They always give me creative energy boast!





Susanna is a German lifestyle blogger and her style really appeals to me. I love her clothing and her lifestyle photography. Her Instagram stories are always fun to watch too!





Sam is not only one of the sweetest people I know, but her instagram is also definitely one of my all-time favourites. Her photos are so cute, not to forget about her amazing hair colours! She’s a big fan of Pokemon – like myself – which is always a good addition to my Instagram app.




Lydia has the most perfect style ever! I love every item she owns and she’s definitely giving me lots of fashion inspiration. She also has an amazing YouTube channel where she creates beautiful lookbooks. You can find a link in her bio.




Sara is another Instagrammer that I love for her amazing sense of style. Not only that, her love for Studio Ghibli is definitely another reason why I love her account so much. Let’s not forget about her beautiful hair colour!




What are your favourite Instagram accounts?
Share your Instagram handle below so I can check it out?

24 comments on “My favourite Instagram Accounts”

    • Thank you! Haha, they definitely make me feel a bit unorganized, but always gotta remember that instagram is just a snapshot of life 🙂 It’s not reality ^_^ Hope you like the accounts, though! xx

  1. Oh wow I might have to have a look at some of these people as I have not heard of any of these amazing accounts and I prefer looking at some perfect accounts sometimes it makes a change from crazy like mine


  2. Some of these Instagram accounts are downright gorgeous! But if I’m being honest Instagram scares me a bit – my photos are awful so I’m always reluctant to post them! Xx

    • Awww you shouldn’t be scared ^_^ I totally understand that instagram can be a bit intimidating, but as long as you remember these are just snapshots of someone’s life and not reality, it makes it a lot less scary 🙂 For me it’s such a nice platform to share creativity in photos ^_^ xx

  3. I follow i a few of your favorites, but definitely I will follow now some more 🙂
    I love you one too and I really want make my one so cool like your guys too 💪🏻

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