As a Dutchie living in England and a lover of travelling, planes are like buses to me. I fly at least eight times a year; sometimes even more. This includes visiting my hometown in the Netherlands, going back to my home in Manchester and holidays.

And even with all these flights every year, I am still scared of boarding that plane. I get nervous before flights, clench my hands into the armrests during any sign of turbulence and the nerves won’t stop until the plane is back on solid ground.

It’s been getting slightly better though. It’s a slow process and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my fears completely, but these are the things that help me.

Flying Anxiety

Distract yourself

The one thing I always do before and during a flight is distracting myself from the idea of being on a plane. Take off and the landing are the parts of the flight that scare me most, which is why I always listen to my favourite music as loud as possible while taking off and landing. During the flight, I try to read a book, watch a video or play a video game. This helps me ignore the fact that I’m actually in the air.

Flying Anxiety

Educate yourself

Turbulence is the thing that scares me most about flying. It feels horrible and makes my heart jump. Understanding why turbulence happens and knowing it doesn’t make your flight dangerous helps a lot with my fear. Flying is the safest way of travelling, but mass media likes to focus on plane crashes rather than car crashes.

Here are some handy websites to learn about what causes turbulence:

Think about the reward

Flying is such an amazing way of travelling, it’s relatively cheap (with the right airlines), it’s incredibly fast and it can take you literally anywhere in the world. My love of exploring the world, seeing my family and going back to my home in Manchester is definitely worth getting on that plane. Fear or no fear.

There will always be fears to overcome, but we shouldn’t let them keep us from doing the things we want to do!

11 Comments on Getting over your fear of flying

  1. It is normal i have never step in a plane my whole life and now never until my end. So i will never see some contrys. Maybe by ship and train but it is so expensive. 8 hours from dortmund to berlin 60€ a ticket and that was crule. I want never do it again.
    So fly is a safe and fast travel, maybe ppl with fear think to much start and landing is like a rollarcoster. An in the air what should ppl do? But in that you every cross a road could be danger. So that fear on your fights seems normal and fear is not panic.

  2. I feel you so much on this post! I don’t travel by plane quite as frequently as you do, but I go at least once a year for one reason or another, and the nerves never fully go away! It’s take off and turbulence that really get me – your tip about educating yourself is a really good one and not something I’d considered – I will have to do this before my next flight!

    Abbey 💋

    • Thanks so much for your comment Abbey! I’m the same, take off and the turbulence freak me out so much. It’s not even a fear of crashing, it’s just the worst feeling haha! But definitely have a look at some videos or articles on what causes turbulence before your next flight, it really helped me!

  3. Sorry i can’t feel with you. I love flying ^^ of course I choose the right airline 🙂
    But even without the fear of flying and haven’t visit a lot of countries. Like England never was there and I want to.
    But what I truly want to say is. You’re amazing. The love for traveling and family overcome your fear of flying and that’s impressive. Standing against your fear not many people can do and that is a thing I really like that of you

  4. Wow….this article is well written from a good experience traveling by plane from one destinations to another. And As one who so much believes in nature and it’s disasters, it is very important to follow this rules you have laid here in order to overcome the fear of flying and the turbulences that takes place.

  5. Great tips! Educating yourself on these things is one of the most important things you can do. I haven’t flown in years – I never used to be scared of it but since I last flown I’ve developed anxiety so I think getting me on a plane now would be a whole different kettle of fish. But I will do it again one day and I won’t let the anxiety stop me (: xx

  6. I’ve always struggled really badly with flying, I fly twice or so every year and this year was the first time I didn’t have a panic attack! I try really hard to distract myself especially with reading or listening to music x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  7. I love this post! I used to hate flying when I was younger, but growing older and wanting to travel more I’ve learnt to get used to it as it is definitely worth it! Also I always like to have a good book to hand!xx

  8. This is such a good post! I recently fought my fear of doing my first long-haul flight and flew to Japan! I had such irrational fears leading up to the flight, it was exhausting (and ridiculous haha)! And you’re so right, there are things that just are so worth getting on that plane and just doing it! Very inspirational post, thanks for sharing! ☺

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