Today we will continue our little journey through my favourite coffee spots in Manchester: Foundation Coffee House. I only recently discovered this cafe but they do some amazing drinks and the spacious coffee bar has a really nice and productive vibe to it.

The vibes

Ezra&Gil , the cafe we looked at last week, is definitely a little more moody compared to this beautiful, spacious coffee bar. Even though it’s very different, this place fits in perfectly with the Northern Quarter vibes too. I love the interior of the place, especially the shapes of the tables, chairs and wall decorations. It feels so modern and is beautifully designed. The minimalistic looks make the space look even bigger and even though I think it’s beautiful, it stops the room from feeling cozy.

The menu

Foundation Coffee House offers a lovely variety of breakfast, lunch and sweet snacks. All of these are very reasonably priced. You can get a breakfast item for as little as £1.50 and lunches start at £3.50. What’s great about the menu is that there’s a lot of vegan cakes available and also some vegetarian and vegan lunches.

The coffee

Since discovering Foundation Coffee House I’ve visited it quite a few times and the coffee has always been delicious. There’s such a wide variety of coffees available and the baristas really know what they’re doing. They can change anything to your liking. There’s a lot of special coffees available too, like my absolute favourite; the Matcha Latte. Soy and almond milk is also available for any coffee for £0.20 extra.

For those who don’t like or drink coffee, there’s still a good reason to visit this place. There’s a great selection of teas, hot chocolate, protein shakes and smoothies available. I’ve had the hot chocolates before and they are amazing!

The big space, the minimalistic interior and the lovely coffee smells make Foundation Coffee House a great place to sit down and get some work done. The coffee is very high quality and the baristas definitely know what they’re doing, which makes the experience even better. It’s a great place to grab a coffee and some food.

Want to check out this beautiful cafe?
Sevendale House, Lever Street, Manchester M1 1JB
Open 7:30AM – 8PM Monday – Friday
11AM – 10PM Saturday
12PM-6PM Sunday