This September, I was invited to #BlogAtTheBeach in Manchester. The event was hosted by in collaboration with Visit Barbados. It turned out to be a lovely Carribean-styled day, filled with tasty food, rum-cocktails and meeting some amazing fellow travel bloggers!

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About Icelolly

Icelolly, who was kind enough to invite me to their event, is a UK-based holiday price comparison website. Whether you’re looking for the best all-inclusive beach holiday or an exciting European city trip – Icelolly will have something that fits your needs. As they compare trips from all UK-based leading travel companies, Icelolly makes sure they find you the best deals!

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Why visit Barbados?

When I imagined Barbados, I saw white, sandy beaches against a bright blue ocean. Sitting in the shade of a palm tree sipping on a rum cocktail out of a coconut and trying to get that sweet holiday tan. But after Marc McCollin’s talk (from Visit Barbados), I’m convinced Barbados has way more to offer!

Barbados’ beaches are an iconic part of the island, and definitely a good reason to choose this as your next holiday destination! But I’m always interested in learning more about what a country’s got to offer. Especially when there are tons of hidden gems to explore and experience. Marc’s chat definitely intrigued me to learn more about Barbados. The more I read about the island, the more eager I am to jump on a plane and visit it myself! Here are five reasons why Barbados is now part of my “travel wish list” and why it should also be on yours!

1. Barbados’ Sea Turtle Project

Barbados’ picturesque beaches aren’t only good for some pretty IG photos – they are also home to some of the rarest sea turtles, the Hawksbill and the Leatherback turtle. Because the turtles have made Barbados their home for nesting, locals have started the Barbados Sea Turtle Project. For more than 25 years, they have worked hard to protect these beautiful creatures. The Sea Turtle Project monitors the beaches during nesting season, with their mission to recover the sea turtle population.

sea turtles in barbados
Photo by Cédric Frixon

2. Watersports

With beaches and oceans as beautiful as those in Barbados, you kinda have to try some of the watersports available on the island. The coral reef surrounding the island makes for the perfect snorkelling or scuba diving (hello, bucket list!) experience.

3. Nature Hikes

Step away from the powdery beaches and into Barbados’ lush forests and caves. Even though the beaches are stunning, it’s a shame that not more people know about the scenery and caves more inwards on the island. Hike Barbados, which is sponsored by the Barbados National Trust, run weekly expeditions. During these expeditions, you can explore the island and learn more about the culture and customs of Barbados. As well as hiking through the forests, I’d love to check out Harrison’s Cave – one of Barbados’ main tourist sights.

why visit Barbados
Photo by Brian Dorff

4. Barbados’ History and Architecture

Barbados’ rich history and its architecture go hand-in-hand. With its English, African and West Indian roots, Barbados has some unique buildings to visit. The island’s architectural style varies between the Jacobean, Georgian and Victorian style. The capital of Bridgetown is even classed as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its beautiful colonial architecture and historical importance.

5. Bajan Cuisine

Our lunch at #BlogAtTheBeach was fully Carribean-styled – and man, it was tasty! Barbados didn’t claim the nickname “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” for no reason. Having taken inspiration from its history with Africa, India and Britain, Bajan cuisine managed to combine them in a unique and flavourful way. Cou-cou and Flying Fish is one of the National Dishes of the island. It is made up out of cornmeal grain, fresh okra and stewed flying fish. A quick Google Image search for “Barbados Cuisine” will definitely convince you to try some of these mouth-watering dishes!

As it was my very first blogger event, I was definitely a little bit nervous. Luckily, I got to meet up with the lovely Michaela, Gina and Christy before the event to grab brunch at Ezra & Gil. And at the event, I got to meet some more amazing travel bloggers, too!

During the event, I got to listen to two inspiring talks by fellow bloggers Kirsty Leanna and Katy English. Kirsty spoke about how to create a community within your niche, which made me think about how I could describe my blog better. What niche do I fit in? Katy English talked about getting more creative with your content (especially IG content – check out her Instagram, it is AMAZING!). A 30-day photo challenge definitely seems like something I should try. It blew my mind that she had been using Photoshop for only 9 months! Crazy to see how much you can learn and improve if you set your mind to it.

The #BlogAtTheBeach event was such a great experience and I want to thank Icelolly for inviting me to such a wonderful event. I had a blast!

Icelolly blog at the beach
Michaela, Gina and Christy

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