As an English and Creative Writing student, I almost feel embarrassed to say that I own – and love owning – a kindle. Don’t get me wrong, books are my all-time favourite. The smell, the feel, everything. I still read paper books, buy the ones with pretty covers and collect my favourite stories in my bookshelves, but I do carry my kindle almost everywhere. I definitely think we should keep buying books in this digital age, but an e-reader has a lot of pros too! Please let me introduce you to a little list with things that I love about my kindle.

kindle vs paper books, advantages of owning a kindle, why should i buy a kindle

1. Money

Books can get quite expensive! Especially being a student, I find it hard to buy all the books I want to read! A Kindle can be seen as quite an investment as it’s not particularly cheap, but buying books on your Kindle is a lot cheaper than buying the paperbacks from shops. Most books I bought on my kindle are at least 50% cheaper than the paper version. Many books are also free to download on Kindle. Most of them are older books, but they’re perfect for my 19th-century literature class!

2. Space

In my tiny student room, I have a little bookcase that is packed with books that I love. It looks great and I absolutely love it, but it’s come to the point where I either have to donate books to make space or take them to my parents’ house to stock them up in my former bedroom. Most books that I’ve read and didn’t love as much as my favourite books usually end up in the donation pile anyway. My kindle can store up to over a thousand books, which is great for when you want to read a lot, like me!

kindle vs paper books, advantages of owning a kindle, why should i buy a kindle

3. Portability

One of the things I love most about owning a Kindle is that you can take it with you anywhere. It hardly takes up space and it’s not very heavy at all. Carrying books around can get a little annoying at times. Popping my kindle in my handbag hardly makes any difference. Especially when I’m reading multiple books at the same time, the kindle definitely wins over carrying three books around in my bag at all times.

4. Convenience

Instead of having to go to into a bookshop or order a book off Amazon and having to wait for it to be delivered, you can buy books super easy on your Kindle. A couple of weeks back I decided I really wanted to read The Northern Lights series by Philip Pullman. Especially as my own novella for my dissertation is a YA fantasy novel, I thought it would help with my own story. So I got it on my kindle and read half of the first book the same evening. One con is that I keep spending way too much money spontaneously buying books like this.

5. I read a lot more

This might not be a seperate point, but more a point that combined all the previous points. Since I got my kindle I have been reading way more than I have before. Probably because it’s cheaper to buy books on it, it’s easier to buy books on it, I get to read everywhere and whenever I want because it’s so easy to take with me and all the free books I can read on it are very tempting too. Owning an e-reader has really motivated me to read more and I’m very grateful for that!

kindle vs paper books, advantages of owning a kindle, why should i buy a kindle

I don’t think an e-reader can ever replace the love I have for paper books, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love reading on my kindle. As long as I can enjoy the stories that are out there, I’m happy. I will keep buying the books I enjoy most as paper versions, especially those with a cute cover, but I will definitely keep devouring texts on my kindle too.

What are your opinions on ebooks?
Do you prefer paper books or do you like reading on your kindle too?

23 comments on “Kindle VS Paper Books”

  1. As a fellow Creative Writing student and book lover this is really interesting to read. Thanks for explaining all the benefits, I’ll definitely consider for my birthday list.

    • Thanks so much for this lovely comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, it’s definitely good to know the benefits of a kindle. Especially if you’re a creative writing student and lover of books! I never really excpected to like and use it as much as I do, but it’s been a total gamechanger for me 🙂

  2. I love this!
    There is so much snobbish-ness around ereaders and ebooks, but I don’t get it.
    I have two kindles, the various apps on my phone, and I love it, I love always always having something with me that I can read (or listen to, I listen to a lot of audiobooks). I love paperbacks, I have a ridiculous amount and still read them daily.
    In my bag there is always my kindle and a paperback, because I like switching between them. But on days where I need a smaller bag my kindle wins.
    And you’re right, I definitely read more with my kindle too. I can sit it discreetly on my desk and read during quiet times at work, or read while I’m knitting.
    Cora ❤

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, thank you! I really feel that people are so snobbish about kindles sometimes… It’s a little bit annoying! But I couldn’t agree more. There’s something nice about having a balance between physical books and ebooks!

  3. Erg herkenbare punten, al vind ik e-books soms toch behoorlijk duur, hoor. En al helemaal als het pas uitgegeven boeken zijn. Wel lees ik ook terug veel meer sinds ik m’n e-reader heb. Wat een topaankoop ik het toch geweest! ♥

  4. Although for me I find kindles hard to use since they cause mirgraines I do not understand why there is so much stigma towards it! I mean either way you are reading whether it being a physical copy or a copy on your kindle. Lovely post and just want to say I adore your blog!

  5. Don’t feel embarrassed or guilty to love your Kindle. I’m a fellow book lover too but having a Kindle is really handy. Hundreds of books on one portable device is amazing.

    If you’re after cheap or free books for your e-device have you checked out Bookbub? I’ve done a blog post on it

  6. To be honest I’ve never used a kindle but I absolutely love having paperbacks! I’m not gonna lie, unless a book has literally grabbed me by the heart it more often than not goes to the charity shop or to a friend after I’ve finished it even if i really enjoyed it as I don’t often re-read them but there’s just something about having the proper book in your hand, I’m not sure how well I’d get on with a device instead! The convenience would probably be the only thing that would sell it to me.
    Alice Xx

  7. You make a lot of great points here and I totally agree. I am not ashamed that I love my kindle as well. I love my bookshelves but space wise it is getting hard to store all my books. Another thing that I love about kindle is that I can read at night without having a light on so I can read in bed without disturbing my husband or sit with my kids while they go to sleep if I need to.

  8. I absolutely love my Kindle. To be honest, I find paperbooks more tedious when I’m reading on bed or somewhere similar. Also, as you mentioned books for Kindle are way more cheap which is great.

  9. I love reading books and honestly do not enjoy reading books on my phone or iPad and I feel that is here the kindle is so handy! I love the benefits you have mentioned; definitely wanna get myself one now!

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