Best thing to do in Los Angeles + Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles, the city of Angels! After having driven around four beautiful states in America, we ended our USA road trip in this beautiful city. Still filled with impressions of our drive through Utah, Arizona and the rest of California, we were excited to add this beautiful city to our list. Here are the best things to do in Los Angeles when you’re visiting for the first time.

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Hollywood Sign

Of course, the famous Hollywood sign is a must-see for a trip to Los Angeles. It was my first time on the west side of the states, so it was our first stop in LA. We drove to Lake Hollywood Park to take a few photos and walked up the street to get even closer. Luckily it wasn’t too busy! Afterwards, we drove through the neighbourhood, soaking up all the sights of the famous Hollywood.

Lake Hollywood Park: 3160 Canyon Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Walk of fame

After seeing the sign, we continued our Hollywood drive to the famous Walk of Fame. We parked the car in one of the nearby shopping centres and started walking up and down the street. It was so surreal to see these in real life after having seen them on television and the internet so often. While walking we spotted so many recognizable names. We got to walk around some of the gift shops and buy some souvenirs for our friends and family.


When I mentioned my trip to California on Twitter, I was urged to try out “In-N-Out” burgers – this is where we went for lunch. None of my family is vegetarian and when I stay with them I usually adjust my diet to make it easier for them and myself. Whilst in the states, you kinda have to try the burgers there – right? I’m not gonna lie, these burgers were fab. Probably the best I had during my road trip. Alongside with the special “animal style fries” – I didn’t try these but my sister loved them!

The Last Bookstore

After visiting the beautiful City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco earlier that week, I was even more excited to visit The Last Bookstore. It’s the largest bookstore in California and also known as “most instagrammable bookshop”. Need I say more?

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Not only does have this bookstore the amazing book arch (picture below), but the two massive floors are literally covered in books. Books wherever you look – the ultimate dream! Apart from a great collection of brand new titles, The Last Bookstore also has a wide variety of second-hand books. I ended up getting three books for just over 20 dollars! (All in perfect shape!)

Luckily I was able to spend quite a while in this shop, but I think I could’ve easily spent a whole day browsing through the aisles. In the end, it was probably a good thing I didn’t have more than a couple of hours – my suitcase was already on the heavy side!

The Last Bookstore: 453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 /

Dodgers Baseball Game

When in Los Angeles and the Dodgers are playing a home game, you kinda have to go and see them! The atmosphere at a real American baseball game is something out of this world. It was amazing! I’m not a sports gal, neither do I know the rules of baseball but I loved being at the game. It was such a unique experience. The cheering, the hot dogs, the songs played and the excitement of the fans. If you ever get the chance to see a baseball game – even if you’re not really that into sports – give it a go!

Universal Studios Hollywood

One of our days in Los Angeles, we visited Universal Studios Hollywood. We didn’t really check the days when we booked our tickets, but we ended up going on a Saturday (something I would discourage you to do if you are planning on visiting the theme park – it was VERY busy!) Nonetheless, we were able to see and do everything we wanted to do!

universal studios
universal studios hollywood
Keeping up my streak of accidentally closing my eyes on family photos…

We started our day with the studio tour, which ended up being one of my favourite things in the park! Seeing the sets of famous movies was simply amazing.

To my surprise, the park was a lot smaller than I imagined! There was only a handful of rides and shows. Because of the busy crowd, we ended up just having enough time to do everything we wanted to do. I would’ve liked to see more shows, though. They were really fun and I would’ve definitely preferred them over all the 4D / VR rides (I’m not a fan of those, they make me motion sick.)

Harry Potter world was another thing I was really looking forward too. When we went to Ollivanders, I got picked out for the wand picking! We also got the chance to ride on the new Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which kinda disappointed me. I expected it to be more like a rollercoaster. Instead, it was a 4D ride and it made me feel really sick.

harry potter world universal studios

Such a big and lively city is barely seeable in such a short period of time. It deserves more time to be explored properly! I really hope I get the chance to go back someday and live that Californian lifestyle for another week or two.

13 thoughts on “Best thing to do in Los Angeles + Universal Studios Hollywood”

  1. That siunds so great! No, I’ve never been there but it’s definitely on my bucket list (top 5!). I will definitely add the activities you mentioned to my list for when I go! The stars and hollywood sign were already on it but not the rest 😛
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I’ve really wanted to go to LA so if I ever get the chance, I’ll certainly be using this as a guide on where to visit. It looks so beautiful and I’ve wanted to go to the Harry Potter park so I’ll definitely be visiting that first and the Hollywood sign has been another place I’d like to go to too! Thanks for writing this post 😊

  3. Los Angeles is somewhere I long to go. It sounds like youbhad an amazing time. Everywhere you visited is definitely on my LA bucket list.
    In and out burgers 🍔 looked so tasty.

    Jenna |xo -

  4. I absolutely love the Last Bookstore and I go there quite a lot because I live in Los Angeles. Another fun LA thing is Santa Monica Pier. Right now they have a free concert series, there is the beach, of course, and so many fun things on the Pier.

    Great post! x


  5. Omg this looks absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos, too – I’m currently saving up to visit LA so it’s really lovely to get an insight through your blog post! I’d never heard of The Last Book Store and it looks unbelievable – definitely added to my must-see places! So glad you had such a wonderful time!

    Nati x

  6. Great post. I’ve been to L.A. a few times now and always find something new to do. We rented a car one day and drove around the Hollywood hills checking out all the big houses. You get great views too. Santa Monica is really nice, love hanging out on the pier or walking the beach. La Brea tar pits was a good museum too.

  7. That book shop looks AMAZING! And In N Out burger is the best, haha. I was a little bit underwhelmed by the walk of fame to be honest – the handprints and footprints outside the Chinese theatre are MUCH cooler! Sounds like you had an awesome time!


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