10 Best Photography Spots In Budapest

Last Updated on July 20, 2021

When visiting Budapest for 4 days, I was stunned by how incredibly beautiful this city is. Of course, I’d seen pictures of the city when planning my own itinerary, but I had no idea how amazing it would be to see these buildings in person. As a blogger and photography lover, Budapest was a paradise for me. If you’re planning a trip to Budapest and wonder where you can take some of the best photos in the city, do not worry 😉 Here are the 10 best photography spots in Budapest.

1. Buda Castle

Buda Castle sits on the top of Buda Hill. Even though the 800-year old castle itself is absolutely stunning, the photos you can take from atop Buda Hill may even be better! It’s not hard to enjoy the view from this hill, even though it may get a little crowded.

Photo tip: Wander around the castle and enjoy a beautiful view on the south side of the castle complex. We took quite a few there (pictures below).

budapest castle

2. Fisherman’s Bastion

Possibly the most photographed spot in Budapest – and with good reason. I mean, look at it! It’s stolen straight from a fairytale picture book! There are quite a few good spots at Fisherman’s Bastion to take a good Instagram pic, but the one you can see below (thanks to my boyfriend for posing!) is probably the best spot. You can also try to find the balcony, where you have a lovely view of the parliament building. Unfortunately for us, it was closed when we got there.

Photo tip: Make sure to position the photo properly so you see the arch and the rest of this gorgeous building on one photo. If you go early (or in low season), you’ll be able to get the best picture without too many others in the background. Obviously, you can photoshop them out if you wish though 😉

Photography Budapest

3. Matthias Church

Located right next to Fisherman’s Bastion lays the Matthias Church. The design of this church was the main inspiration for Fisherman’s Bastion, and you can see why. Built in 1015, the Matthias Chruch has been serving Budapest for over a thousand years. It’s hard not to take a good photo here with such a beautiful backdrop.

Photo tip: You can either take photos at the square in front of the church, or you take some really good shots from Fisherman’s Bastion.

Best Instagram Spots Budapest

4. Parliament Building

Flying to Budapest, I actually saw the lit up parliament building from the window of the airplane. It is just stunning! From Fisherman’s Bastion, you can already see this gorgeous building from afar – but crossing the river for a look close-up is 100% worth your time. The building was constructed to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Hungary. You can go for a tour inside, or you can admire it from the outside.

Photo tip: Even though it’s a big building, make sure to walk around the entire structure! There are tons of great photo opportunities from each side.

budapest photography spots

5. Dohany Street Synagogue

The Jewish Quarter in Budapest itself is already a great place to wander around and shoot some amazing Instagram photos. The street art is on point! But while wandering around, make sure to stop by the Dohany Street Synagogue. It’s the largest synagogue in the whole of Europe! For 4000 Ft you can enter and get a free tour.

Photo tip: Underexpose your photos while at the synagogue and then light them up in Lightroom afterwards – this way, you won’t lose any of the details.

6. Central Market Hall

This restored neo-gothic market hall is not only one of the best places for street food, but it’s also a good place for photography! It was especially lovely because we visited during the Christmas period and the decorations made it even more photogenic. Make sure to try some of the delicious Hungarian dishes too.

Photo tip: Take some photos from the top floor to get a good view across the entire market.

7. Citadella (Liberty Statue)

Even though we happened to pick a cloudy day, the view from Citadella was still stunning! The hike towards the top of the hill took about half an hour (with the necessary stops for photos, of course 😉 ), but it turned out to be one of my favourite spots in Budapest.

Photo tip: Try to go here for sunset for the best photos. Unfortunately, our itinerary didn’t allow us to stop here for sunset (sunset times in winter were a bit too early!) but I was recommended this by almost everybody!

8. Heroes’ Square

One of Budapest’s UNESCO world heritage sites includes the Heroes’ Square. Some of Hungary’s best military leaders and kings are celebrated here, as well as the tomb of the unknown soldier. The square itself is massive, making it very impressive to walk around it. It was actually one of Richard’s favourite spots in Budapest!

9. Vajdahunyad Castle

Despite the design, Vajdahunyad Castle is only just over a hundred years old. Even though some have called it fake, I had the best time walking around the castle grounds. It is just so picturesque. It’s almost impossible to not take hundreds of photos here.

Photo tip: Wander around the entire complex – there are so many great spots for photos! Near the Hungarian Agricultural Museum were some of my favourite photography spots.

10. Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Nicknamed the “City of Baths”, Budapest is filled with the most beautiful thermal baths. You’re able to take some amazing photos at most of them, but the one that stood out most was Szechenyi Thermal Baths. With 15 indoor baths, 10 saunas and 3 outdoor pools, this bathhouse turned out to be my favourite. They also host parties in the outdoor pools – so keep an eye out on their calendar 😉

Photo tip: You can bring your camera and keep them in a locker, but personally I’d just bring your phone for some photos. Either put it in a zip-lock bag to keep it dry or be very, very careful! We took some photos on our phones and put them back into our lockers.

I hope this helped you plan your trip to Budapest a bit. I personally really enjoyed the city, it was perfect for blog photos and generally having a great time abroad. If you’re wondering how much money it costs to go to Budapest, I broke down my entire Budapest budget to show you how much we spent. Did I miss any of your favourite Budapest photography spots? Let me know!

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