I’ve been loving Pokemon Go since the launch of the mobile app in the summer of 2016. A couple of months ago I finally invested in a Pokemon Go Plus, a little device that allows you to play the game without the need to have your phone out all the time. In the last months, I’ve really enjoyed having the Go Plus with me when I went out to play the game. Today I’m sharing the pros and cons with you!

What does the Go Plus allow you to do?

The Pokemon Go Plus is an accessory that can be used while playing the Pokemon Go game. When you connect your phone to the accessory via Bluetooth you don’t have to keep your phone out to play the game. With the Go Plus, you can hatch eggs, track distance for your buddy Pokemon, spin Pokestops and catch Pokemon.

How does the Pokemon Go Plus work?

Hatching eggs and tracking distance for your buddy Pokemon is very simple. Just as you’d track distance with the app open, the Go Plus automatically transfers that data back to your phone which updates the distance when you walk.

Spinning Pokestops is also super easy. When you walk near a Pokestop your Go Plus will buzz and flash with a blue light. When you press the button it will spin the stop for you. The new update also allows you to spin gyms!

Catching Pokemon is quite similar to spinning Pokestops. When you are near a wild Pokemon the Go Plus will buzz and flash with a green light. To throw a ball, you press on the button. When you encounter a Pokemon you haven’t caught before, the light will turn yellow. You can’t see what kind of Pokemon it unless you take out your phone and you only throw a normal Pokeball, which decreases the chance of catching it.

Pros of the Pokemon Go Plus

What I personally really enjoy about playing with the Go Plus is that reduces my battery drainage a lot. It’s super easy for eggs and your buddy Pokemon. I also like using it to spin Pokestops and catch Pokemon but only when I go for a walk with my boyfriend or when I’m out but not really paying much attention to the game. It’s such a great way to stock up your bag with items and catch lots of random Pokemon to gain lots of stardust. It really helped me enjoy the game a lot more.

The Go Plus has helped me so much with stacking up on my stardust. It was one of the main problems I had with the game, I kept running out of stardust. With the amount of Pokemon I caught with the Go Plus, my stardust has gone through the roof! It’s been amazing!

What I love about it too is that you can actually enjoy the outside a lot more. You don’t have to look down on your screen the whole time but you can enjoy your surroundings. It’s made my Pokemon go walks a lot more enjoyable.

Lots of people said it’s very comfortable to carry around, which I have to agree with. If not with the wristband you can easily carry it around with the clip on back. It fits in your hand perfectly and you can carry it around while you’re out.

The cons of the Pokemon Go Plus

Obviously, the Go Plus isn’t perfect and there are some things that do annoy me. Like when catching a Pokemon on the Go Plus, the app only uses normal Pokeballs. There are no bonuses to make the catch easier like a curveball, a nice or great throw. Pokemon definitely run more often when using the Pokemon Go Plus and people I spoke about while writing this article complained about it a lot. I’ve missed out on catching a Lapras once who ran after I tried to catch it with the Go Plus which really upset me. I’ve heard similar stories from other people. But on the other hand, I would never have seen that Lapras in the first place. I wasn’t playing the game with my phone out, I was simply shopping and had the Go Plus on me to gain some more Pokemon, stardust, and items. It would’ve been really great if I had caught the Lapras but I would’ve missed out on it anyway.

One issue that hasn’t really occurred to me personally, but I’ve heard a lot of trainers complain about is the connection problems. The Go Plus automatically disconnects after 30 minutes, when it will flash red and you have to get back on your phone to re-connect. What trainers have experienced is that the Go Plus disconnects way more often than every 30 minutes.

Another thing that is a bit of a setback is the fact the batteries aren’t rechargeable. They aren’t expensive and they’re quite easy to replace, but it’d make everything a lot easier if they were rechargeable. You need to get a small screwdriver to open the Go Plus up too, which can be a little annoying. That being said, the batteries last a really long time and you hardly have to replace them. I’ve had mine for four months and almost use it daily and haven’t had to change the batteries yet.

Is the Pokemon Go Plus worth the money?

Personally, I definitely think it’s worth the money if you’re an active Pokemon Go player. There are some things about the Go Plus that are a little annoying but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I do realise it can be quite a bit of money to spend on a mobile game. But if you enjoy the game as much as I do, it’ll pay off. You’d pay the same amount of money on a Pokemon game for your 3DS. I don’t regret buying it and out of 50 people I asked whether they think it was worth the investment, 49 said they absolutely love using it and don’t regret it.

If you’re interested in buying one you can follow the link below to order one on Amazon for 35 pounds (UK)!

Do you have a Pokemon Go Plus?
If yes, what do you like/dislike about it?
If no, would you consider buying one?

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7 comments on “Pros and Cons of the Pokemon Go Plus”

  1. Other cons must be the fact that the Pokemon Go Pluss gadget keeps disconecting from my phone now and again. Ive got a Iphone 7 Pluss, but I hear other users with different phones experience the same problem. My AppleWatch pokemon app has the same problem.

    • I’ll add it to the post, thanks for sharing that information! I haven’t experienced it myself yet, only after 30 minutes when it auto-disconnects. Hopefully the app will fix that soon for you!

    • As far as I’m aware this is the only design available. There’s been some stickers available in Japan to make it look like a master ball or great ball, but no neurtral desigsn unfortunately.

      You get a wristband and a clip-on back for the Pokemon Go Plus when you buy it, so there’s no key-chain option. But I’m sure you can add it to your keys with the clip-on 🙂

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