Prague Photography: The 20 Best Photo Spots In Prague

Looking for the best photography spots in Prague? Make sure to add these to your itinerary!

Prague is without a doubt one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. It’s a real treat to walk through the cobblestones streets, looking at all the buildings that look like they’ve been stolen straight from a fairy-tale book. Especially for us photographers πŸ˜‰ To make sure you don’t miss any of the best Prague photography spots, I’ve listed some of my absolute favourites. Grab your camera and let’s take a look!

20 Best Photography Spots In Prague

prague photography spots
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1. Charles Bridge

Being one of Prague’s most visited tourist attraction, the Charles Bridge may already be on your list of things to shoot in Prague. As you can imagine, this Gothic bridge that was built in 1357 serves as a perfect place for photos.

The cobblestones on the bridge, the old statues and the Old Town Bridge Tower make for a magical scenery. You can get really creative here, taking photos from the river banks, on the bridge itself or from the top of the tower. Do keep in mind that this is a very popular spot and it’s hard to take any photos trying to avoid any tourists.

Location coordinates: 50.08647, 14.41143
Best time for photos: Either very early in the morning to avoid too many tourists or sunset.
Cost: FREE

prague photography

PHOTO TIP: Climb the Mala Strana Bridge Tower for view on the bridge.

2. Swans on the Vltava

Possibly the most photographed residents in Prague, the swans of the Vltava River. These beautiful creatures with the Gothic bridge in the background makes for a magical photo. On the banks of the Vltava in the Lesser Town Side, you can find a small park that allows you to sit very closely to the water. From there, you can wait for the swans to appear and take this photo.

Location coordinates: 50.08876, 14.41114
Best time for photos: Anytime during the day.
Cost: FREE

swans on the vltava prague photography spot

3. The Dancing House

One of the coolest buildings in Prague deserves a spot on your photography list too. This unique building is placed on the spot that was destroyed by a US bomb in 1945, giving it a little more meaning than just looking like it has been photo shopped. The style is called deconstructivist and inside the Dancing House, you can find a restaurant and hotel.

Location coordinates: 50.0754, 14.41417
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

architecture in prague

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4. Letna Park View

With such beautiful buildings and red rooftops, Prague looks stunning from above. If you’re looking for some of the best viewpoints in Prague for your photos, you cannot miss Letna Park.

Even though it’s a little hike to get to the top, the view is worth it. Especially with the Charles Bridge in the middle of the view and the branches in the front, it makes for a great photo.

Location coordinates: 50.09398, 14.41518
Best time for photos: During the day
Cost: FREE

view over prague

5. The Umbrella Hanging Man

Prague is also home to countless quirky statues, but some of them are not as easy to located. When in Prague, you need to look down, in the alley walls, around the corner and… up! The official name of this culture is Slight Uncertainty and was created by Michal Trpak.

Location coordinates: 50.07774, 14.41813
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

6. Kafka’s Head

Another piece of art that makes for a great shot. The famous author Kafka was born in Prague and spend most of his life living in the city. Most famous for his work “Metamorphosis” and there are a few statues that can be found around the city that celebrate his brilliance. You can also check out the Kafka Museum if you want to learn about his work and his life.

The statue moves around in different layers, always coming back together to show the face of Franz Kafka. It’s quite impressive to watch it turn around in different shapes, and it also makes for some great photography opportunities.

Location coordinates: 50.08165, 14.42079
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

7. Old Town Hall Tower

A visit to Prague isn’t complete without walking across the Old Town Square. Here you can really experience Prague’s fairy tale vibes. Cobblestones, colourful buildings, a stunning tower and a Gothic church. It’s like stepping back in time.

Obviously, there are quite a few great photography opportunities here, but one that stands out is the Old Town Hall Tower. The tower itself is a work of art, but for a fee you can climb the tower and enjoy a view over the square and the city. As well as the view, snapping a picture of the elevator shaft should be on your list as well.

If you’re looking for an even better place to capture the Old Town Hall, check out Terasa U Prince. They have a beautiful rooftop terrace with a viewpoint where many IG pictures have been taken πŸ˜‰

Location coordinates: 50.08704, 14.4205
Best time for photos: The easier you get here, the better. As it’s a very popular attraction, it does tend to get a bit crowded here. Alternatively, you can also visit a bit later in the evening to avoid the crowds. Do keep in mind that the Old Town Hall Tower doesn’t open until later if you want to climb it for the view.
Cost: 250 CZK to climb the tower for a beautiful view.

prague old town square

8. The Astronomical Clock

While visiting Old Town Square and the Old Town Hall Tower, make sure to check out the famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. This stunning piece is not only the oldest astronomical clock still in use, it’s also a great photography spot. No photographer can visit Prague without snapping one of this famous icon of the city.

Location coordinates: 50.08702, 14.4207
Best time for photos: Due to the popularity of the Astronimcal Clock in Prague, try to get there as early as possible to avoid massive crowds. Ever hour between 9 AM and 11 PM, the Twelve Apostles are set in motion. This usually results in a ton of tourists gathered around the tower, so make sure to avoid that if you want to take a better picture.
Cost: FREE

astronomical clock in prague

9. Havlicek Gardens

Not as popular as many of the other sights that I have mentioned in this list, but more than worth a visit are the Havlicek Gardens. They are a little further from the city centre compared to many of the other tourist attractions, but these gardens are absolutely stunning.

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, you can imagine there are some real gems to be found here. One of the most popular and most beautiful pieces is the stunning fountain.

Location coordinates: 50.06946, 14.44499
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

10. Petrin Hill/Tower

Petrin Hill and Petrin Tower both make for a great view across Prague. You can choose to either climb the hill or use the funicular. The Tower, which is located on top of the hill, can be climbed for a little entrance fee but gives you a beautiful view over Prague.

Apart from the tower, you can also find a rose garden and a mirror maze on the hill. The rose garden is particularly beautiful.

Location coordinates: 50.08352, 14.39508
Best time for photos: The tower itself is open from 10 AM till 8 PM every day, and the funicular takes people up the hill from 9 AM till 11:30 PM in summer (April – October) and 9 AM till 10:20 PM in winter (November – March).
Cost: 120 CZK to climb the tower. You can hike Petrin hill for free or get the funicular for 50 CZK.

best viewpoints in prague czech republic itinerary

11. Golden Lane

Inside the castle district of Prague, there are some picturesque spots you should definitely check out with your camera. The Golden Lane is one of them. Even though it looks like dwarfs from fairy tales may live here, the Golden Lane used to be home to the guards of the castle. A few centuries later, it housed many of the poor in Prague (including Franz Kafka). You can now find many souvenir shops and exhibitions that teach you about this street and the castle. But with the beautifully preserved architecture and colourful houses, it’s a treat for us photographers.

Location coordinates: 50.09182, 14.40383
Best time for photos: As the Golden Lane is part of the Prague Castle Complex, make sure to check the opening times here. They differ per season.
Cost: FREE

Golden Lane castle grounds prague

12. Lennon Wall

Even though John Lennon never visited Prague before his tragic death in 1980, he became a symbol of freedom for many Czechs during the communist era. This wall, that can be found on the MalΓ‘ Strana part of Prague, became a place where Prague’s youth would express their discontent with the way the country was run. By painting quotes of freedom and songs by Lennon, this place turned into a token of hope. Even today, the wall is ever-changing as people continue to paint and write on the wall.

Location coordinates: 50.08625, 14.40679
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

lennon wall prague

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13. Piss Sculpture

In front of the Kafka Museum in Prague, you can find the infamous Piss Sculpture. Prague is known for its many strange pieces of art that are scattered around the city, and this is another example of it. The two naked man are portrayed peeing on something that looks strangely familiar to the map of the Czech Republic. As you can imagine, peeing on the fatherland wasn’t the most welcoming thought to most Czechs. Despite that, it’s one of the most famous statues in the city.

Location coordinates: 50.08808, 14.41024
Best time for photos: The doors that lead you towards the Kafka Museum close at night. As the statue is located beyond the doors, it’s recommended to check out the opening times of the museum before visiting.
Cost: FREE

14. The Library in the Klementinum

The streets of Prague are magical, but inside some of those buildings you can find even prettier photography opportunities. The baroque library inside the Klementinum is one of those spots. The library itself holds over six million important documents!

The decorated bookshelves and the beautifully painted ceiling are reason enough to pay this library a visit, but the collection of old globes makes it even more tempting to come and shoot some photos here.

Location coordinates: 50.08659, 14.41601
Best time for photos: The Klementinum is open every day, but make sure to check the opening times as they differ on weekends. You can check them here.
Cost: 220 CZK

baroque library prague
Photo by Jonathan Francisca

15. Powder Tower

The Powder Tower in Prague is modelled after the tower on the Charles Bridge. Despite its similar design, the beautiful Powder Tower deserves a spot on this list as well. For a small fee of 90 CZK, you can climb the tower for a view. But even from the outside, you can snap some great photos. Especially if you wait for the old-school cars to stop in front of the tower (like in the picture below). It adds just a bit extra πŸ˜‰

Location coordinates: 50.08727, 14.42778
Best time for photos: All day. It’s worth waiting around for some of the old-school cars to stop by the tower for an even better picture.
Cost: 90 CZK to climb the tower for a beautiful view across Prague.

powder tower

16. Municipal Library of Prague

Inside the Municipal Library of Prague, you can find this amazing sculpture created out of books. With the use of mirrors, this tunnel of books seems endless. It’s a really cool (and hidden) spot to take some really cool photos! Plus, it’s free to enter.

Location coordinates: 50.08739, 14.41736
Best time for photos: As this cool photography spot is located inside the library, make sure to check the current opening times.
Cost: FREE

prague library

17. The Jubilee (Jerusalem) Synagogue

It’s easy to see why the Jubilee Synagogue is on this list: it is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. The colours and shapes make this such a great building for photography. If you have time, also take a look inside. The interior matches the beauty of the outside perfectly.

Location coordinates: 50.0847, 14.43202
Best time for photos: You can visit the outside of the synagogue all day, but to go inside you need to check their opening times. You can find them here.
Cost: 72 CZK to enter the synagogue, but you can enjoy its beauty for free on the outside.

18. Prague Castle Grounds

Prague’s Castle has the largest castle grounds in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. You could easily spend a full day here and still find new nooks and crannies to explore, especially because it’s completely free to visit the grounds.

Location coordinates: 50.09109, 14.40161
Best time for photos: The castle grounds are open during the day. The opening times differ per season, so make sure to check the current opening times here.
Cost: FREE

Prague Castle

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19. Crawling Babies

Another honourable mention of one of the quirky statues in the city: the crawling babies. These faceless babies were created by David Cerny. They can be found crawling around Kampa Park and up the TV tower in Zizkov. By visiting the ones at Kampa Park, you get to see them up-close.

Location coordinates: 50.08414, 14.40834
Best time for photos: All day
Cost: FREE

prague photography baby statues

20. St. Vitus Cathedral

While strolling around Prague’s castle grounds, you should consider visiting the inside of the St. Vitus Cathedral. Even though this cathedral is absolutely stunning from the outside, the inside matches that perfectly. It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe and took almost 600 years to build.

Location coordinates: 50.09089, 14.40051
Best time for photos: The cathedral is open every day from 9 AM till 5 PM (apart from Sunday when the cathedral welcomes visitors from 12 till 5 PM).
Cost: You can enter the cathedral for free if you’d like to take part of one of its services. Alternatively, you can book a tour around the castle grounds to get more information on the history and see all the best spots around the castle.

cathedral prague

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