• Hosting: My website hosting is with UKHost4u. I’ve been with them since I started The Navigatio and they’ve always been amazing. Very affordable, great customer service and I never have any issues with their hosting.
  • WordPress Theme: My theme has been designed by Bluchic and called Marilyn. Unfortunately, the theme got discontinued in September 2019, but you can still buy similar themes from Bluchic’s website*. What I like so much about Bluchic’s themes is that they are very customisable, they’re clear, minimal but also look professional. And they’re very SEO friendly (which is a MUST!).

Software & Websites

  • Lightroom: All my photos are edited in the free Lightroom app on my phone. I’m hoping to finally invest in the desktop version soon!
  • Tailwind: To schedule pins on Pinterest I use Tailwind. It saves me a lot of time to simply schedule a bunch of pins in one go, rather than having to manually repin everything every day. Tailwind also automatically finds the best times to post for you and joining Tailwind Tribes has helped me grow my Pinterest massively. Click here to try tailwind for a month for free!

Travel essentials

  • Flights: The majority of the flights I book are booked through Google Flights or Skyscanner. I use these because they compare all flights and are always certain to give me the cheapest prices. I also stay up-to-date with Jack’s Flight Club’s newsletters, which share tips for cheap flights.
  • Accommodation: As a mid-range travel blogger, I definitely prefer hotels over hostels. Which is why when booking accommodation, I always use Booking* or Airbnb.
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  • Camera: I mainly shoot with my Canon 750D or my iPhone 6s.
  • Lens: I use my Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 and Canon 50mm f/1.8