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Rome, Italy – popular for its beautiful architecture, its amazing food, and its romantic atmosphere. Popular for visitors from all across the globe, and with good reason. Not sure what to see during your trip to Rome? Here is a five-day itinerary for the perfect Rome trip.

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Day One in Rome

The first day in Rome is your travel day. Depending on what time you arrive in Italy’s capital city, you’ve got some time to explore the city near your hotel / B&B.

I’d recommend staying near Saint Peter because it gives you easy access to the city and isn’t too busy or expensive. On your first evening, get some Italian ice cream and have a stroll around.

Day Two in Rome

Today, we’ll visit the Colosseum and Trastevere. The

In an attempt to beat the heat, we got up bright and early. Unfortunately busses and metros were both on a streak that day. It took us more than two hours to get to the Colosseum. When we finally arrived, it was already boiling hot. Seeing the Colosseum in real life made it bearable, though. I’m a sucker for old buildings with a rich history. It feels amazing to stand on a place where so many have stood before me.

With our Roma Pass we were allowed to skip the massive queue and get into the Colosseum very quickly. After visiting the Colosseum we had a little walk through the ruins of ancient Rome, had lunch and made our way back to our B&B for a little siesta.
In the evening we visited Trastevere, a part of Rome with many cafes and restaurants. Life fills the streets of Italy in the evening. When the heat disappears, the people come out.

Tip: Want to prepare yourself for the Italian cuisine before your trip to Rome? Check out this How to eat like a local in Rome guide, explaining everything you need to know to make the best of your trip.

Day Three in Rome

On the third day we visited an old prison with our Roma pass. The idea of it being an old prison made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it was beautiful to see anyway. In the afternoon we went to the Vatican museum and even though it was incredibly busy and hot, it was very impressive. I finally got to see the famous chapel painting by Michelangelo. Even though I expected it to be way different, it was amazing seeing it in person.

After a long day of walking we decided to go for a quick dinner near our B&B and head to bed.

Day Four in Rome

On our fourth day we were supposed to go on a cycling tour for the day. The ridiculous temperatures made us decide to cancel it. Instead, we visited the Plaza Venetia, a beautiful square in the middle of Rome. From Plaza Venetia we walked to the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish steps and the Pantheon.

In the evening we travelled back to the Colosseum to have dinner in the area.

Day Five in Rome

Our last day we spent the day shopping. In the evening we returned to Trastevere and walked back to our B&B over the evening boulevard.

Some tips if you want to go to Rome;

– Even though I loved seeing Rome in August, I wouldn’t recommend to go in this month. It’s really too hot! May or October would be way better.
– Always ask for the drink menu when going to a restaurant or bar. If you don’t they can easily ask 7 euros for a glass of coke.
– If you want to go see museums or places at the Vatican and Saint Peter, you should buy your tickets online before going. I’ve seen queues of people who didn’t do this and they literally had to wait for 3 hours (if not longer) to get tickets.
– It may be useful to buy a Roma Ticket, it’s a ticket which allows you to use the bus and metro for free for 3 days and you get access to two highlights in Rome.

If you have less time to explore the city, check out this 3 day Rome itinerary!

Rome was definitely one of my favourite cities I’ve visited so far and I’d love to go back one day to explore it even more!

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