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Something a little bit different today, but something definitely worth mentioning a little more often! September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and it surprises me that even in 2018 there’s such a big tabboo around sex and sexual health. Like topics such as mental health, we should be able to talk about these kind of topics more openly, because they are all part of life! We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of it and there should be easier access to get the right information when we need it.

What’s sexual health awareness month

Sexual Health Awarness month focusses on spreading more awareness around topics as STDs, concent, porn, avoiding unwanted pregnancies etc. Being able to talk openly about these topics can make people feel less ashamed of these things, thus helping them to reach out if they need to.

I think it’s incredibly important to talk about these topics to spread awareness around the tabboo. We need to be able to talk more openly about sex, STDs and concent. As normal it is to get a dentist or doctors check up, you also need to take care of your sexual health with regular check ups.

Read more about Sexual Health Awareness Month here.

When and how should you get checked?

If you are sexually active you should get checked regularly. If you’ve had more than one partner it’s good to get tested every few months. Even if you’re with the same partner, it’s still a good idea to get tested annually. (Obviously more often if you feel that something might be wrong).

Getting tested doesn’t have to be as scary or shameful as it might seem. There’s tons of different options to get tested if you’re not comfortable with the idea. I’m very happy to partner with STD Check to offer an easy and quick solution.

This is how it works!

Step 1 – Purchase a test on their website

Step 2 – Visit one of their 4500 testing centres

Step 3 – Get your results via email within 2 days

Personally, I find it very important to be aware of your body and what it needs. Being aware of possible STDs and activily avoiding them is part of taking good care of yourself. We should be normalizing these kind of conversations and not shame people who are getting tested, who have multiple sexual partners (or no sexual partners!). People are different and live different lives, why make them feel bad about who they are and what decisions they make!

If you have any any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a message via the contact form.

*This post is sponsored by HealthLabs.

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