Smeargle has FINALLY been released in Pokemon Go. We’ve been waiting for this Gen 2 Pokemon to join the game for quite a while. Not sure how to get him yet? Here is how to find and catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go.

How to find Smeargle?

Smeargle is not appearing in the wild at the moment, but you need to use the new photo feature in the game. This new feature was only released a few days ago. You then have to take as many photos of other Pokemon, until Smeargle decides to photobomb your photo.

Once Smeargle photobombed your photo, it will show up next to you on the map and you will be able to catch it like any other Pokemon.

What Photo Feature?

The new photo feature was introduced a few days ago. It allows you to take photos of your already caught Pokemon. In the past, you were able to take photos of a Pokemon if you were catching it. But now you are able to take photos of ones that you have already caught! You can find the little photo icon underneath the “Favourite” icon when you look at your Pokemon.

I took a photo, but Smeargle is not showing up?

Don’t worry! I thought the same thing after trying to take photos of at least six different Pokemon. It’s all pure luck. So keep trying to take some more photos until he shows up. I had to take photos of 7 different Pokemon before he showed up. There’s no formula, it’s all pure chance.

Don’t take tons of photos of the same Pokemon, try to take photos of different Pokemon. This had the best results for me.

What Moveset Does Smeargle Have?

It appears that Smeargle adopts the move set of the Pokemon species that you photographed. Hopefully, we’ll find more information about this soon.

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