Basic Japanese Phrases For Tourists

Whether you’re travelling to Japan in the future or if you simply want to start learning some basic Japanese, you’ve come to the right place. Even though Japanese may seem very intimidating because it’s a completely different writing system than English, it’s still very doable to learn some of the basics before your trip. When […] Read more…

Hakone Japan itinerary

The Perfect 3 Week Japan Itinerary

Japan is an absolute dream destination. From traditional temples, beautiful nature reserves and high-tech cities – it has something for everybody. It’s a world on its own and spending three weeks in Japan is a perfect amount to get a good impression of what this country is all about. This 3 week Japan itinerary will […] Read more…

2 day kyoto

2 Day Kyoto Itinerary

Kyoto is one of the most recommended cities to visit in Japan. It’s known for its more traditional districts where Geishas entertain people till this day, its beautiful shrines and temples and a stunning bamboo forest. Kyoto has countless things to offer, which makes it difficult to pick and choose when you’re on a tight […] Read more…

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