Best things to do in Sheffield in one day

things to do in Sheffield, Sheffield itinerary

Last month I finally spent a day in Sheffield! Even though I have been living in Manchester for almost five years, I’ve never taken the short train journey to explore this city. Luckily, my lovely friend Laura lived in Sheffield for 3 years and took the day to show me her favourite spots. Who would […]

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Foundation Coffee House | Cafe Review

Manchester Foundation Coffee

Today we will continue our little journey through my favourite coffee spots in Manchester: Foundation Coffee House. I only recently discovered this cafe but they do some amazing drinks and the spacious coffee bar has a really nice and productive vibe to it. The vibes Ezra&Gil , the cafe we looked at last week, is definitely […]

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Erza&Gil in Manchester|Review

ezra and gill manchester

After moving to Manchester and starting the stressful student life, I slowly slipped into the love for coffee. Not only to get me through the sleepless nights, but I’ve grown to really love the taste of them! Especially since I work as a barista outside of university. The Vibes The first time I went to […]

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Student House UK Room Tour ’16/’17

Student House UK Room Tour

In July I moved out of my student hall/dorm room into a little house that I started renting with four of my best friends here in Manchester. It’s amazing to be able to live with friends instead of random people and share a bathroom, living room and kitchen with them instead. My bedroom in our […]

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How To Improve Your English

best japanese language apps

Surprise; English is my second language! Okay, maybe not a surprise because I’m quite open about it. But still – not too bad, right? In this blog post, I wanted to explain how I’ve learned English, how I constantly work on improving my foreign language skills and some tips on how to improve your English. […]

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How To Get Into University In England?

how to get into english university as an immigrant

Studying abroad for a semester or one academic year is quite a common thing nowadays. Doing a full-time degree abroad is a different story. And yet here I am, having finished a full-time degree in English and Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. It has been tough, but it’s been by far the best things […]

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