With hundreds of Airbnb rentals to choose from in Tokyo, it’s quite the challenge to find the right one. That’s why I’ve hand-picked the best spots in the city for you. Below, you will find the best Tokyo Airbnbs including all the info you need to choose the best one on this list for your trip.

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Things To Know About Airbnbs in Tokyo

Legality & Safety

If you have been looking for Tokyo accommodation already, you may have come across articles saying that it is illegal to stay in an Airbnb in Japan’s capital city. While this isn’t true, Airbnbs are legal in Japan, regulations introduced in 2018 have blurred the lines a little. Because many hosts didn’t comply with the new rules, many listings got deleted. Which is why the rumour about it not being legal. 

Airbnb owners in Japan have to state their license number. This is a government requirement. Just like hotels, this form of accommodation requires to be properly registered. Another important thing to note is that, by law, you are required to give a copy of your passport to your host (if you’re non-Japanese). 

All of these requirements are put in place to make Airbnbs even safer. Japan is already a very safe country compared to many others, but additional safety checks from Airbnb give some peace of mind.

Important Notes

While I’ve made sure to keep all of these in mind when looking for the best Tokyo Airbnbs to recommend, here are a few essential pointers for if you want to look for some others:

  • English speaking host: If you don’t speak Japanese, it’s better to stick with hosts that also speak English. Not all Japanese people speak English, and it can lead to issues with your booking or with your stay.
  • Entire place: Rent an entire house/flat rather than just a room.
  • Superhost: Going with a Superhost is always a good idea to avoid cancellations and get fast responses.
  • Futons: Keep an eye on the beds/futons. If you’re not used to floor-mattresses, you may want to avoid them, but they’ll still be listed as beds.
  • Pocket WiFi vs regular WiFi: While I’m a HUGE fan of the pocket WiFi service in Japan, it’s something to look out for in Airbnbs. If you’re planning to work from your Airbnb and need WiFi, it’s better to look for places that have actual WiFi. Pocket WiFi is amazing for travelling around the city, but it’s not as reliable as regular WiFi. So if you need it for work, make sure to stick with the old-school deal.

Best Tokyo Airbnbs

Bright Natural Studio

Guests: 2-3
Beds: One double bed, and one sofa bed
Type: Entire flat
Price: From ¥12,500/night (£85/night)
Minimum nights: 2 nights
Area: Shinjuku
Wifi: In-house

airbnb in shinjuku

Located in a newly built block of flats, this modern-styled studio apartment makes for the perfect stay in Tokyo for couples. Close to Shinjuku, but in a quiet neighbourhood, it gives you the perfect combination of a great location and quiet. The apartment comes with a washing machine, a kitchen, and air conditioning.

MoshiMoshiRooms Sakura Kawaii Culture in Harajuku

Guests: 2-5
Beds: One king-sized bed and three airbeds
Type: Entire flat
Price: From ¥40,000/night (£275/night)
Minimum nights: 1 night
Area: Harajuku
Wifi: In-house

Tokyo Airbnb

Winner of most-kawaii Airbnb in the whole of Tokyo? I certainly think so. This room screams Harajuku! And while it is located in the centre of Harajuku, it’s hidden away from all the noise and party-goers. The detail put into this room is incredible, with a fake sakura tree spreading its branches across the ceiling. While perfect for a couple, there are three air mattresses available if necessary. You even have access to the rooftop for lovely views over the area. While on the more expensive side, it’s hard to find a more unique place to stay in Tokyo.

Guests say: “Moshi Moshi Rooms ”Sakura” room is absolutely adorable. This is truly the perfect place to stay and get to experience the real kawaii culture. The decoration is superb and has been really thoroughly thought through, with small cute details everywhere you look. It would be ideal for a hen-night, or a special stay in the city. The location is really great, in central Harajuku, just out of the way of the throngs of weekend visitors.” – Elizabeth

Designer’s Flat in Shibuya

Guests: 2-4
Beds: One double bed and two futons
Type: Entire apartment
Price: From ¥6,500/night (£45/night)
Minimum nights: 2 nights
Area: Shibuya
Wifi: In-house & pocket

stylish tokyo airbnb

This stylish industrial apartment in Shibuya gives you easy access to the exciting city life and Yoyogi park. With coffee shops and supermarkets nearby, you’ve got everything you need within walking distance. Shibuya is one of the best areas in Tokyo, and you can find a metro station only 10 minutes from the apartment. The renovated industrial concrete makes for one of the most stylish Airbnbs in Tokyo.

Guests say: “A beautiful apartment in central Tokyo – it’s really stylish and the bed is super comfy. It wasn’t slap in the middle of town, but easy to get around on the Metro and much better value than the pricey central hotels.” – Jenny

Temple Stay in Central Tokyo

Guests: Up to 6
Beds: Two double beds, one sofa bed
Type: Entire house (temple)
Price: ¥12,000 (£82)
Minimum nights: 1 night
Area: Minato city (close to Tokyo Central Station)
Wifi: In-house

Temple Airbnb in Tokyo

If you’re looking for a unique stay in Tokyo, this temple Airbnb may be the perfect choice for you. Yes, you read that correctly: This Airbnb is part of a 400-year old temple. It’s the only temple stay in Central Tokyo – making it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The stylish rooms make for a comfortable stay, with a kitchen, washing machine, and a nearby train station.

Guests say: “Imagine: in the midst of a block of office buildings, a brief 2 blocks from the main street, is a modern, spacious, and very well-appointed apartment adjacent to a small working Buddhist temple, Shoden-ji. A gem! Othera Stay is indeed a super host!” – Lisa

Elegant Spacious Modern Japanese Style 

Guests: 2-5
Beds: 1 double bed, 3 futons
Type: Entire flat
Price: From ¥24,000/night (£165/night)
Minimum nights: 4 nights
Area: Akasaka (near Roppongi)
Wifi: In-house

traditional tokyo airbnb

If the reason why you want to stay in an Airbnb is to experience a more traditional vibe, this rare find may be the one. With Japanese windows, tatami flooring, and paper dividers, it creates the perfect mixture between the old and new Japan. You get quite a lot of space for Tokyo standards. It also comes with a washing machine, dryer, kitchen, and a TV with Netflix that can be used at no extra charge.

Guests say: “I had always wanted to go to Japan, so planning this trip I wanted everything to be perfect. The apartment was more beautiful than the pictures can show. It’s in a safe, quiet area that’s full of restaurants and stores for convenience. Very short walk to the subway and we had no issues getting around. Communication was quick and easy with the hosts. I highly recommend this apartment for a stylish Japanese style experience!” – Bianca

Unique Stay in Shibuya

Guests: 2-3
Beds: One double bed, and one futon
Type: Entire flat
Price: From ¥30,000/night (£200/night)
Minimum nights: 4 nights
Area: Hiroo
Wifi: In-house & pocket

tokyo airbnbs

Another incredibly stylish and unique apartment in a fabulous location. Built by architect Motoji Funatsu, this place is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a kitchen, washing machine, and cable TV. Near Roppongi and Shibuya, but in a much quieter area, you get the best of both worlds. In the area, you can find a metro station, tons of shops, cafes, supermarkets, and even a traditional Japanese public bath!

Guests say: “If we could state 12/10 we would. The place is gorgeous. I was so happy to arrive on the first day and see it look exactly like the pictures if not prettier. This house has serious architectural taste put to display. Also, Tokyo-wise this place has real space, and the house is completely equipped even in details you wouldn’t expect. The house is simply beautiful.” – Erika

Exclusive & Luxurious Apartment

Guests: 2-4
Beds: One double bed, one sofa bed
Type: Entire apartment
Price: From ¥8,000 (£55/night)
Minimum nights: 3 nights
Area: Shibuya
Wifi: LAN & pocket

tokyo airbnb

Not only is this apartment in a super convenient location, but it also has a fantastic view of Tokyo. The apartment has a very affordable price, especially seeing the size. While near Shibuya, Yoyogi park, and Meiji Shrine, it is located on a quiet street. There is a washing machine, kitchen, and a little seating area to make your stay even more comfortable. A real gem in such a busy city!

Guests say: “A great place a short walk from Shibuya and Harajuku stations. Maybe the best area in Tokyo, with lots of food, shopping, and right next to Yoyogi Park. A nice view north of the room. Very clean and comfortable. Highly recommended!” – Max

Why Stay in an Airbnb in Tokyo

Picking the right accommodation can make or break your holiday. That’s why it’s so important to take time to consider your options. But if you’re wondering whether to stay in an Airbnb or a hotel, here are a few reasons why an Airbnb may be the perfect option for you.

If you’re looking for a more traditional, authentic place to stay, Airbnb is much better than a hotel. Often located in a quieter area, Airbnbs really give you the idea of living in the city you’re visiting. On top of that, you often have a little kitchen. Not only can this save you money (making your own breakfast compared to buying overpriced hotel breakfasts), but it’s also convenient. Many Airbnbs also come with a washing machine – perfect for if you’re spending a few weeks in Japan.

While not every Airbnb makes for the perfect place to stay, there are some real hidden gems on the website. Fantastic once-in-a-lifetime spots that are incredibly unique. I’ve included a few of those below – including an Airbnb inside a temple. If that doesn’t make for a great travel story to tell friends and family, I’m not sure what does.

When travelling with your partner, like Richard and me, prices of Airbnbs and hotel rooms are about the same. But if you’re travelling with a family or a group, Airbnbs are often much cheaper.

Plan Your Tokyo Trip

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