If you are looking for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life (or… you want to treat yourself to something useful), here are some gift ideas! Being a traveller myself, I know all the gift items out there that claim to be perfect for travel lovers. Scratch off world maps and a mug shaped in a camera lens… YAWN! I can’t speak for every traveller, obviously, but these items are usually not very useful and quite boring. Instead, why not give that person something that’s actually useful!

10 Best gifts for travellers

1. Quick Drying Sand-free Towel

The one downside of a nice day at the beach? Sand sticking to your towel! Luckily, Tesalate has the solution for that – a sand-free towel. Not only does sand not stick to these towels, but they also dry super fast and are easy to add to your bag as they are very compact. Their towels come in tons of colourful and bright designs, and they even have a couples towel (big enough for two people!).

I went for the Tidal design as I adore the waves, the bright blue colours and it adds perfectly to a gorgeous beach day.

Get your sand-free beach towel here

2. Travel Photo Album

As you can probably tell from my posts, taking photos while travelling is one of my favourite things to do. Creating memories and being able to capture them plays a huge role in my trips. So what better way to remember them then putting them into a photo album!

Especially if you shared a trip with someone special, creating a personalized photo album with your photos in it would make a wonderful gift.

Use code BLOGGNAVIGATIO for an 80% discount on Colorland’s photo album (only counts for 40 page A4 photo album). Discount code (Valid until June 30th). You can redeem it here.

3. Universal Travel Adapter

Making sure all your electronics are charged during your travels is a must. It can be a pain having to own multiple different charger plugs depending on what country you’re visiting. That’s why giving a universal travel adapter to a travel lover makes for the perfect gift.

I got mine from Iblockcube and it has been an amazing little gadget that I take with me on every single trip. You can use the charger cube for US, UK and EU plugs, it comes with 4 USB ports and you can also plug any US/UK/EU plug into it to charge at the same time. Especially because I need to charge my camera, phone, portable charger and Apple Watch whenever I travel, this cube is a lifesaver.

Get your universal travel adapter here

Universal Travel Adapter

4. Portable Charger

I’m 100% certain a portable charger makes for a prefect travel lovers’ gift because my boyfriend gave me one for my 22nd birthday and I have loved using it ever since. Being on the road a lot can be a bit of a nightmare when you run out of juice. I now always carry my portable charger with me, which holds 4-5 full phone charges and charges fully overnight.

It’s especially great when you use Google Maps, Google Translate or use your phone to take photos. You’ll definitely need more than one charge of phone battery per day! (I know I do!)

Get your Anker portable charger here

5. Storyteller FlagMate

So far, I’ve ticked off quite a few countries of my to-visit list. Even when I’m back at home, I still carry all the memories with me on my keyring. The Storyteller FlagMate is a keyring on which you can collect the flags of all the countries you have visited. If the person you’re buying a gift for has ticked off quite a few places on his/her bucket list, this may be a perfect little keepsake you can give them. They can add new flags to their keyring whenever they travel someplace new.

10% of every sale goes to a special fund that supports sustainable education for those less fortunate. You can also get the flags engraved with a date or special text – to make every flag even more special.

Get your FlagMate here.
Use code “NL19N” for 10% discount

keyring travel lovers

6. Small Backpack

Travellers usually already have the perfect suitcase and bigger backpacks to travel around with. But most of them miss a smaller backpack that can be used for day-trips. I recently purchased a small backpack that fits my camera and my purse, together with one extra lens and a waterbottle on the side. It’s perfect for taking with me on smaller trips of days out when I don’t want to carry a hiking backpack with me. Plus, it’s more stylish 😉

7. Travel Books

When not on the road, I always love reading about and planning my next trip. Gifting a travel-related book always makes for a great gift. Whether you want to give them a fiction book that is set in their favourite country (check out my list of 30 best novels about Japan) or a more informative book about some future travel destinations they can add to their list. Lonely Planet’s guides are always a win!

Get Lonely Planet’s books here

8. Kindle

Buying a gift for a book lover and traveller? A kindle may be the perfect present. I know many people that, like myself, love reading when they’re out and about. Whether that’s on the plane, on the beach or in the hotel before going to sleep. But your good ol’ regular paperback books take up a lot of space and weight in your luggage.

I was a bit skeptical about kindles at first. I didn’t think they could ever replace the feel and experience a “real” paper book could give you. But ever since getting one (it was a gift, actually!), I’ve been adoring it. It’s so convenient to have a library of books with you wherever you go! One of the best things about it is that you can add books to your kindle within minutes, rather than having to wait for them to arrive or going to a bookshop.

Get your Kindle here.

kindle for travellers

9. Portable Water Bottle With Filter

Depending on where you’re travelling to, tap water may not always be safe. To avoid having to spend a lot of unnecessary money on bottled water from supermarkets, getting a portable water bottle with a filter is a perfect solution. This way, you avoid getting sick from tap water and you save yourself a lot of hassle (, money and waste) having to carry around tons of single-use plastic bottles. Lifestraw is one of the most popular brands out there that deals with this type of water bottle, which is why I’m recommending it!

Get your Lifestraw water bottle here.

10. Rfid Secure Credit Card Holder

Travelling with multiple cards is quite usual nowadays. From your own bank card, to a credit card or international money card, it’s important to keep them safe. Especially now contactless payments are much more common, we have to make sure our cards are properly protected. Scammers can simply walk passed you with one of their devices and make your card automatically send over money!

By using a rfid secure credit card holder/wallet, you can avoid this from happening. The outer layer of these holders make sure that no contactless payments can be made through it. You can only do so when actually taking out the card. Much more secure!

Get your rfid secure credit card holder here.

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