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My first two years in England I lived in student halls (or dorm rooms as my American friends might call it). It was pretty small but it was in the middle of the city center, close to the train station and next to my university. It was a great place to learn about living in England and exploring the city. Also living there during my first year at university was amazing because all my friends lived in dorms too, so I could visit them all the time. This is what the dorm room looked like after I decorated it a bit.

UK University Student Hall Room Tour

The door lead to the shared hallway, which connected the bedrooms to the shared kitchen and shared bathroom. I had a little hook on the door to put my coat or my kimono night dress. On the wall above my bed I put a scarf which I bought in Rome on holiday. I really liked the design and it made the room feel a bit more like my home. On my bed I displayed my collection of pillows (I don’t know why I needed six pillows?) and my stuffed animals. I had a little light for late night reading and next to my bed I always had a pile of books and a bottle of water.

UK University Student Hall Room Tour

The view from my bed; my window, desk, shelved, wardrobe and my guitar. Behind my wardrobe I kept my dirty laundry, my iron, suitcase and some other boxes that kept boring household stuff. Next to those I placed my beloved black guitar which I really cannot miss! I’ve got a little heating places on the wall (even though I never really needed it because the room was always super warm!) and next to the heating I had a mirror against the wall (totally forgot to take a picture of it, sorry!)

UK University Student Hall Room Tour

Next to my desk I had this little pin-up board to display some of my favourite pictures, birthday cards and concert tickets. It’s not much but it made the room feel more like mine. I used to get homesick a lot and having little memories and reminders of home in my room really helped me to overcome those periods.

UK University Student Hall Room Tour

My windowsill was filled up with other little things that made me happy. Nail polish, candles, my disposable camera, anything that made it look a bit nicer. I got an old desperado bottle as a holder for the rose I’ve been given by my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, a little make-up mirror because the light was really good near the window and a picture of my lovely friends in the Netherlands. I miss them a lot when I’m in England!

UK University Student Hall Room Tour

My desk is the place I spent most of my time. If it was for university work, watching youtube or Netflix, playing games or just skyping with my friends and family, I was usually sat behind my laptop. Other than my laptop I had the usual university equipment; pens, sticky notes, notebooks, paperclips, (wine glass….) etc. To make it feel a bit more home-y I added a picture of my boyfriend and myself and a card he gave me for my birthday. I love things like that, they make everything just a bit more personal.

I really loved this room, even though it was small and I had to share the kitchen and bathroom with people I didn’t really call my friends, it was my little place. It really felt like home for the two years I lived there and I made a lot of good memories there.

Have you ever lived in a student hall/dorm room? Did you struggle fitting everything in it too? Let me know in the comments!

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