In July I moved out of my student hall/dorm room into a little house that I started renting with four of my best friends here in Manchester. It’s amazing to be able to live with friends instead of random people and share a bathroom, living room and kitchen with them instead.

My bedroom in our little house is so much bigger than my old dorm room, which is absolutely amazing. I love having the space to move around properly and have some extra space for furniture. I also love my big window which lets in so much light! In my dorm room I hardly had any daylight in my room because the building across the road blocked it, but here I have all the light I want.

Student House UK Room Tour (4)

Instead of my ¾ bed I had in the dorm, I finally own a double bed! I’m not complaining about the ¾ because it was bigger than the single bed I had in the Netherlands, but having even more space is always welcome. When I first moved in I bought new pink bedding from Primark and some fairy lights I got for my birthday. I also put some pictures of my boyfriend and my friends above my bed.

Student House UK Room Tour

The mirror and bookcase are pretty special to me, I bought them from the first “real” money I made from writing. Because the house we rent is furnished, most of the furniture isn’t mine, but the mirror and bookcase are! Having a big mirror is an absolute must for me, as is a bookcase to store my collection of books and games. I also store my every-day make-up in there, my perfumes, my Calvin Klein bag and my camera. Of course I still have my guitar in England and I added a new microphone and recording set to the room too! Hopefully I finally get some time to record more songs and covers!

Student House UK Room Tour

The top of my bookcase is one of my favourite things about my room. I change the way it looks every now and then, but it always turns out so nicely! I usually have my fake flowers, my signed A Fine Frenzy CD and the star that is named after me (boyfriend’s present for my 21st!). It sometimes feels like I stole it straight from Pinterest, so I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

Student House UK Room Tour Student House UK Room Tour

Next to my bed, I have a little nightstand with a couple of bits on it. The empty desperado bottle with the plastic rose, which you might remember from my dorm room, a picture of my boyfriend and me, some Lush hand creme and lip scrub, a nightlight and some moisturizer.

Student House UK Room Tour

My desk is near a lovely big window, it’s amazing how far I can open it compared to the window in my dorm. I’ve got my new microphone next to my desk so I can use it while playing games and listen to music with the new headphones that came with it. I’ve got the boring bens, sticky notes, and notebooks for my studies and my laptop.

Student House UK Room Tour

I am in really in love with my room. It feels so much like home and I feel very productive in it. Living with my friends has been amazing and so far I’ve spent a really lovely academic year with them in this lovely little house.

I’d love to hear what you think about my new room and what you’d add to it!

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