Mount Fuji From Your Sofa: Virtual Tours With Arigato Japan

A few months ago, at the start of lockdown, I took a virtual tour to Tokyo. Our plans to revisit Japan in 2020 unfortunately had to be put on hold, but luckily, the online tours from Arigato Japan are here to give me that Japan-fix I need. Last week, we were invited to learn more about Mount Fuji while joining another fantastic tour.

* This was part of a press invite. All opinions are my own.

Who is Arigato Japan?

Arigato Japan hosts food tours in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. With so many tasty dishes to try in Japan, it’s not hard to understand why food tours are a big hit.

A local guide will show you all the best restaurants, izakayas, and street food vendors. Especially for those who can’t read Japanese (*moi*) and aren’t quite sure what dishes to try apart from sushi and ramen, this is the perfect way to explore Japanese cuisine. I think we would’ve been able to use a local guide to give us all the insider information during our last trip!

Due to the current travel restrictions, Japan has closed its borders to tourists. Luckily, Arigato Japan came with a solution: virtual Japan tours! As you may have already seen, I joined them for the Tokyo Tour last summer. But due to the popularity, they have launched a handful more fantastic tours, including the Mount Fuji Tour.

About the Virtual Mount Fuji Tour

While I’m usually focus on city travel, there is something about Mount Fuji that’s caught my attention. Even though we really wanted to visit it during our first trip to Japan, we decided not to risk it as Mount Fuji likes to hide behind clouds. We were incredibly fortunate to see this magnificent mountain on our train journey to Kyoto, though!

Taking the virtual Mount Fuji tour with Arigato Japan (in collaboration with Visit Shizuoka) was the perfect opportunity for us to learn more about it. Our host Alex remembered us from our last tour (which I found so thoughtful!) and brought so much enthusiasm to our tour.

virtual mount fuji tour

Alex took us through some fascinating Mount Fuji facts while quizzing us on our knowledge. I wasn’t even aware that this mountain was a UNESCO World Heritage site (and I call myself a travel blogger???).

Next, we were shown some of the cool activities you can do around Mount Fuji. Apart from climbing it during hiking season, there are opportunities for cycling, paragliding, and staying with a local farm.

Alex told us stories about Mount Fuji’s history, something I really enjoyed. It’s so great to see how much this mountain has helped to shape Japanese culture and in how many works of art it is found.

Japan Tour Online

Lately, we spoke about climbing Mount Fuji in more detail. Seeing photos and videos of people climbing the mountain during the night to watch the sun rise from the top gave me goosebumps. Just wow. What an amazing thing to do. Both Richard and I looked at each other thinking the same thing “we should totally do that!”

Would I Recommend It?

Absolutely! At such an affordable price (1650 yen), you get yourself a really fun and educational evening filled with Japan. Our host Alex was incredibly knowledgable, and even extended our one hour tour to 1.5 hours because he had so much to share.

Even after having read so much about Japan and writing travel guides for it, Alex taught me a lot of cool facts about Mount Fuji. I’m definitely not a climber, but both me and Richard are convinced to add Mount Fuji to our next trip. We’re even considering going during the climbing season, as this tour has completely won us over!

And our next trip to Japan will also include a food tour with Arigato Japan. If their online tours are this good, I can’t even imagine how fantastic their in-real-life tours must be.

Book your own Mount Fuji Virtual Experience here. I highly recommend it!

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