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Yes! Nele is blogging again! For over seven years I have had online blogging projects spawning all over the internet. It started with posts written in broken English, almost unreadable as a 13 year old was still getting familiar with her second language. Looking back at it now, it’s where my love for writing and the English language started. For those who know me personally or have been following me long enough, I now live in Manchester, UK, and study English and Creative writing. That’s why I want to take this new project a bit more serious.

And it’s scary… Taking myself serious enough as a writer to purchase a little piece of the internet to make my own. But with graduation just around the corner (will hopefully finish my bachelor degree next year), I know that if I won’t take my writing serious, nobody will. It’s the first step into something unfamiliar but something very exciting.

What to expect from this website? It’ll be a blog. Like the ones I had in the past. But hopefully better, more professional and more engaging with the reader. Content wise I’ll mostly be writing about what living in the UK is like for a Dutch girl, what studying here is like, travelling and lifestyle related topics.

Any questions, suggestions, collaboration requests or other messages, please fill in a form on the “contact me” page or leave a comment under any article and I’ll try to come back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for visiting and I’ll hopefully see you back soon.

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