Hi! I’m Nele (Nay-la) and welcome to my travel blog! Add my passion for travel, writing, and photography to my slight coffee addiction and you get this website.

When I was 18 (2014), I moved to the UK to follow this crazy dream of studying English & Creative Writing at university. After graduating in 2018, I spent a few months travelling around the USA and Japan until I ran out of money. I came back to the UK to get a job as a copywriter and digital marketing assistant. But man, that made me miserable… So now I’m running this website full-time!

pokemon centre tokyo, what to do in tokyo japan
Finding my favourite Pokemon at the Pokemon Mega Store Tokyo, Japan

I love travelling and finding new places to recommend! On here, I share fun, exciting and helpful travel guides and itineraries for people like you. I believe that you can travel the world on a budget while being comfortable (not a huge fan of hostels and watching your expenses EVERY-SECOND-OF-YOUR-TRIP – gotta live a little too, right?!).

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