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Hello and welcome! I’m Nele (Nay-la), a 24-year-old Dutch expat who loves travelling (I mean, what millennial doesn’t?), writing and photography. Combine the three with my slight coffee addiction and you’ve got yourself a travel blog, right?

When I was 18, I moved to the UK to follow this crazy dream of studying English & Creative Writing and totally fell in love with Manchester. But besides living the expat life in this industrial city, I love exploring new places across the world and sharing them with you on this website.

I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been able to travel a lot when I was younger. My parents’ love for travelling is definitely something I’ve inherited from them. But now I’m the one responsible for paying for trips, I realised how expensive it can be! I like a bit of luxury – or… you know… be comfortable at least (a.k.a. not a fan of hostels!) – and I now know you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds doing that! I love finding a good deal 😉

On this blog, I share those little tips&tricks for mid-range travel, alongside my travel guides and itineraries for my favourite places around the world. I’m super excited to take you all along with me!

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