Where To Stay In Tokyo? The Best Tokyo Hotels In 2021

Last Updated on May 15, 2021

Wondering where to stay in Tokyo during your next trip? This in-depth accommodation guide will help you out! Find the best areas and the best hotels in Tokyo that will perfectly match your travelling style.

Tokyo is one crazy, yet fantastic city. With more than 9 million residents and over 15 million annual tourists, Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world. With hyper-modern skyscrapers alongside ancient temples in serene zen gardens, it’s a city like no other (and one of my favourite places in the world!).

In this guide, I will share my insights on where to stay in Tokyo for different types of travellers including the pros and cons of the wards. Let’s take a look and find the perfect hotel.

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In a rush? Best Places To Stay In Tokyo:

No time to read the entire post? I’ve got you covered. Here is a little breakdown on where to stay in Tokyo.

BudgetAsakusaHotel Sunroute Asakusa
Mid-RangeShinjukuHotel Gracery Shinjuku
LuxuryRoppongiThe Prince Park Tower Tokyo

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About The Best Hotels In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. With 23 wards and thousands of hotels to choose from, it can be a little intimidating choosing the perfect hotel. Especially if you’re a first time visitor.

Because of Tokyo’s size, your best bet is to stay near a metro or train station. The metro and train lines in Tokyo are incredibly easy to use (even if you don’t speak or read Japanese) and lets you visit the best spots in Tokyo no matter where you book accomodation.

That being said, I do recommend staying near the JR Yamanote Line. This circular train line loops around the city, stopping near most of Tokyo’s highlights. But even if you can’t find a hotel that is located near one of the stops, as long as you are near a station, you will be able to make your way towards the correct line without too much hassle.

Even though you will be able to navigate through Tokyo with the advanced public transport system, every neighbourhood has its own character. And staying in the right place for your travel wishes can make a huge difference for your trip to Tokyo.

I have stayed in Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku (previously called Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku) & Belken Hotel Tokyo but all hotels in this blog post are thoroughly researched or have been recommended by people I trust. 

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Best Neighbourhoods In Tokyo Overview

Tokyo is made up out of 23 wards. Obviously, not all neighbourhoods are a good fit for travellers. From having stayed in Tokyo a few times myself, I have narrowed the list down to the best neighbourhoods for tourists.

Every area has its own characteristics. Please check out the table below for a quick overview of the districts in Tokyo I recommend. Scroll down to the individual sections for more information of the wards and a variety of hotel recommendations.

AreaAboutBest ForBest Hotel
ShinjukuShinjuku is the lively and vibrant heart of Tokyo. Filled with restaurants, bars, shops and home to Shinjuku Station. Tons to do and easy to travel to other parts of the city.First Time Visitors & Overall Best ExperienceHotel Gracery Shinjuku
Tokyo StationStaying near Tokyo Station allows you to easily travel to any other travel destination inside of Japan.Short Stays & Day TripsTokyo Station Hotel
RoppongiThe perfect area in Tokyo to enjoy the best nightlife and the luxurious metropolitan lifestyle.Nightlife & EntertainmentCandeo Hotels Tokyo Roppongi
ShibuyaSimilar to Shinjuku, Shibuya is filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and an easy way to get around Tokyo (Shibuya Station).First Time VisitorsShibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
AsakusaThis is the traditional part of Tokyo, a bit quieter and cheaper than other parts of Tokyo.Culture LoversRyokan Asakusa Shigetsu

Price Ranges In This Tokyo Hotel Guide

  • Luxury: These hotels are the best of the best. While more expensive than regular hotels, they’ll enhance your stay in Tokyo with fantastic views, incredibly comfortable beds, and tons of extra facilities. 
  • Mid-range: Mid-range is my preferred travelling style. While you could find cheaper places, these hotels give you a little more comfort, a better location, and enough space. 
  • Budget: It is possible to do Tokyo on the cheap. These hotels are very affordable, but still good enough to make your Tokyo trip unforgettable. They have everything you need for a comfortable stay. 

1. Shinjuku – Best Area To Stay In Tokyo

Best for: First Time Visitors & Overall Best Experience

Why Stay In Shinjuku?

Shinjuku is the best place to stay in Tokyo, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Shinjuku is the lively and vibrant heart of the city, filled with shops, entertainment, restaurants, and bars. It has everything you need closeby. Staying here will constantly give you that “Tokyo Feel”. Especially at night, when the neon lights turn on.

Even though the entire city of Tokyo has an amazing public transport system and it’s very easy to get around, staying in Shinjuku gives you an advantage. Shinjuku Station is the largest station in Tokyo and is used by 3-4 million passengers every single day (!!!).

During the day, Shinjuku acts as an exciting shopping center where you can shop until you drop. Alternatively, you can visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Building where you can find a free viewing deck to find some stunning views of the city. Or wander through Shinjuku Gyoen park, which is especially beautiful during sakura season.

But Shinjuku really comes to life during the evening. Neon signs, street food, bars and parties. There is never a boring night in Shinjuku. Because Shinjuku is one of the entertainment hubs of Tokyo, you can find countless restaurants, bars, and izakayas.

Cons: Due to Shinjuku’s popularity with both locals and tourists, it can get a little crowded. Especially during the weekends and evenings, when people come out to drink and party. Because it is quite popular and located in the middle of Tokyo, hotels tend to be a little more expensive.

Best Hotels In Shinjuku

Luxury: Park Hyatt Tokyo (5*)

If you want to go all out and stay in one of the very best hotels in Tokyo, Park Hyatt is the one. Located in the heart of Shinjuku (only 3 minutes from Shinjuku Station), this hotel makes you float above Tokyo. 

Their rooms have unbeatable views of Tokyo and Mount Fuji on a clear day. With an indoor pool, a spa, and a stunning restaurant on the 52nd floor where you can watch the sun set over the city, it’s hard to find a better hotel.

Facilities include: Swimming pool, spa and wellness centre, fitness centre, bar and restaurant with beautiful skyline view over Tokyo, library and free Wi-Fi.

park hotel tokyo

Mid-Range: Hotel Gracery Shinjuku (4*)

Also known as the Godzilla Hotel, the Gracery Shinjuku hotel is pretty famous! Located in the heart of Shinjuku, this is arguably one of the best locations you can find in the city (only 6 minutes walking distance from Shinjuku Golden Gai). The famous life size Godzilla resides here too, looking out over Shinjuku.

The hotel has modern rooms with a flatscreen TV and air conditioning. You can even upgrade to stay in the Godzilla themed room 😉 It’s hard to beat this hotel – it makes for a perfect stay for couples who are visiting Tokyo for the first time and want to be near all the excitement.

Facilities include: Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, laundry facility, bar and luggage storage.

Mid-range: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku (3*)

I stayed here during my first few days in Tokyo and I could not recommend this hotel more. Both the bathroom and the beds were simply great – exactly what you need when staying in Tokyo for a few days. 

But what I liked most about this hotel is its location. It is located next to the Higashi Shinjuku train station. This station is much smaller compared to the huge Shinjuku Station, and much easier to navigate. And for the Shinjuku area, it was very affordable!

Facilities include: Free WiFi, laundry room, restaurant, currency exchange and luggage storage.

where to stay in tokyo

Things To Do In Shinjuku

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Building: Climb the Metropolitan Building to find the free viewing deck on the 45th floor. From here you can even see Mount Fuji on a clear day.
  • Shinjuku Golden Gai: You can find some of the best bars in the city in Shinjuku’s red light district (Kabukicho). Shinjuku’s famous Golden Gai is a dimly lit alleyway with more than 200 bars. The post-war charm hits differently in contrast to the bright lights of modern Shinjuku.
  • Omoide Yokocho: Another alleyway for drinks is Omoide Yokocho. This is the best place to drink beer and sake paired with freshly barbecued chicken skewers.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen Park: One of Tokyo’s largest parks lies in the middle of Shinjuku. Take a step back from the chaos of the city and enjoy the peaceful Japanese gardens. This park is one of the best places to view the cherry blossoms in springtime and in autumn it’s a real treat to watch the colourful leaves.
  • Visit the Robot Restaurant: Japan is known for its crazy themed cafes and restaurants, but the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku is one of the most popular ones. You can dine while watching dancers take the stage with… robots!
  • Play Pachinko: Even though gambling is technically illegal in Japan, they found a little loophole called pachinko. This strange ball game allows you to win prizes instead of money. Even if you don’t intend on playing, it’s quite the experience to walk into a pachinko parlour.

2. Tokyo Station – Where To Stay In Tokyo For Day Trips

Best for: Day Trips, Disney Visitors, First Time Visitors

Why Stay Near Tokyo Station?

Tokyo Station is THE transportation hub in the city. Inside the station, you can find the metro and the bullet train. From Tokyo Station, you can travel to anywhere in the country – making it a convenient place to stay if you are planning to travel outside of Tokyo.

If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo because you are going to travel on to another destination within Japan the next day, I highly recommend choosing a hotel in this area.

But even if you are planning to stay in Tokyo for a bit longer and you want to explore the city, staying near Tokyo Station is a great idea. With Tokyo Station nearby, you can take the metro to anywhere in the city. Ginza (Tokyo’s high-end shopping paradise) is only a few minutes away and you can reach Akihabara within one metro stop.

Apart from that, there are some great highlights to see near Tokyo Station, including the Imperial Palace. Along with tons of great restaurants and bars to choose from which can be found in Ginza. Ginza isn’t as much of a nightlife ward as Shinjuku or Roppongi, so if you are looking for a quieter night out, this may be the spot.

If you are visiting Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea, I would also recommend picking a hotel here. Hotels near Disney are usually a lot more expensive and it is very easy to reach Disney from Tokyo Station. This way, you can save a lot of money!

It is also worth mentioning that it is very easy to reach Tokyo Station from both airports in Tokyo. This makes the Tokyo Station area a great place to stay if you are visiting Tokyo for the first time.

Cons: The surroundings of Tokyo Station are filled with skyscrapers and offices, which may make you feel like it lacks a bit of charm. It’s completely different from more authentic areas like Asakusa.

Best Hotels Near Tokyo Station

Luxury: Tokyo Station Hotel (5*)

Not only is this hotel located next to the south exit of Tokyo Station, but it’s also classed as Important Cultural Property. Designed in a classical European style, the rooms are given extraordinary detail and care.

Staying in one of their luxurious rooms will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your trip. Because it is located next to the station, this is a perfect fit if you are staying in Tokyo for a layover before travelling to another city.

Facilities include: Free Wi-Fi, spa and wellness centre, bar and a fitness centre.

Budget: Tokyo Belken Hotel (4*)

During my second time in Tokyo, I stayed in the Tokyo Belken Hotel. If you are looking for a hotel close to Tokyo Station, I could not recommend this one more. A few minutes from the station and despite being located in the middle of Tokyo, the rooms were surprisingly quiet.

The beds were great, the staff was very friendly and there are quite a few convenient stores right around the corner. While the rooms may be a bit small, you still get great value for money.

Facilities include: Free Wi-Fi and laundry room.

where to stay in tokyo on a budget

Things To Do Near Tokyo Station

  • Ginza: This area in Tokyo is known for high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment. You can also find the Kabukiza here, where you can watch traditional Japanese theatre.
  • Imperial Palace and east gardens of Imperial Palace: The Imperial Palace is one of those places where you can really see the old vs the new in Tokyo. Hidden from the busy streets of the metropolitan city lays the palace and its beautiful gardens.
  • Ramen street: Underneath Tokyo Station, you can find eight restaurants that are specialised in ramen. I can’t think of a better place to have dinner.
  • Tokyo station building: Tokyo Station has a very unique design. Inspired by a set of different styles, it really is one of a kind.
  • Museums and galleries: Around Tokyo Station, you can find tons of art galleries and museums to visit, including the Tokyo Station Gallery.

3. Roppongi – Where To Stay In Tokyo For Nightlife

Best for: Nightlife, Entertainment, Luxury

Why stay in Roppongi?

Another popular area for tourists is Roppongi. One of the sexiest and luxurious parts of Tokyo, Roppongi is famous for its fantastic nightlife popular with locals and tourists alike. It is packed with restaurants serving gourmet Japanese cuisine, lively bars, and clubs.

But even if you’re not looking to do a lot of partying in Tokyo, Roppongi can be a good spot for you. Many business people choose Roppongi as their home away from home in Tokyo. The high-end shopping streets and art museums give it that luxurious feel that many people can appreciate.

Due to the popularity among non-Japanese visitors, it’s easy to get around without speaking or reading Japanese. Menus are often available in English and staff will speak English well.

Cons: Roppongi is not on the JR Yamanote line. This shouldn’t be a huge problem, as you can easily take another train/metro to get on the Yamanote line. Hotels here can also be slightly more expensive compared to other places in Tokyo.

Best Hotels In Roppongi

Luxury: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo (5*)

Roppongi has some of the best views in Tokyo, and the Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel takes advantage of that 😉 With unbeatable views of Tokyo, with Tokyo Tower located right outside of your window, it is impossible not to love staying here. 

Add this to the spacious bedrooms, skyline views, and tons of amazing facilities you can use (including a hot-spring spa) easily make it one of the best hotels in Tokyo. It even comes with a karaoke bar and fitness center. The restaurant and sky lounge give you access to additional views to give you even better views.

Facilities include: Hot-spring spa, indoor pool, fitness centre, sauna, massages, bowling alley, karaoke bar and free WiFi.

Mid-Range: Candeo Hotels Tokyo Roppongi (4*)

The Candeo Hotel in Roppongi is one of the real value for money gems in Tokyo. This stunning hotel boasts a spa and wellness center. Its pool has beautiful views of Tokyo Tower, which is especially spectacular at night. 

The rooms are nicely decorated and very spacious for Tokyo’s standards. All for a pretty decent price. It feels like a very luxurious hotel but for a mid-range price.

Facilities include: Pool with stunning views over the city, sauna, massages, WiFi, and an on-site restaurant.

Budget: Remm Roppongi (3*)

If the up-market feel of Roppongi scared you off, don’t worry. There are some fantastic budget options available too. This way, you can enjoy all the facilities of this neighbourhood without breaking the bank.

The Remm Roppongi Hotel is one of them. Only 450 yards from Roppongi Hills, it has one of the best locations considering it’s affordable price tag. The rooms are somewhat small, but the comfortable beds definitely make up for it. The room comes with everything you need for a comfortable stay in Tokyo.

Facilities include: On-site restaurant, WiFi, modern rooms, luggage storage, and currency exchange.

Budget hotels tokyo

Things To Do In Roppongi

  • Mori Art Museum: Roppongi is home to some of the best art museums in the city. Mori Art Museum is a must-visit when in the area. Not only is its art fantastic, but you can find one of Tokyo’s best views on the 53rd floor.
  • National Art Center Tokyo: Apart from the Mori Art Museum, the National Art Center is another must for those who like art. 
  • Tokyo Tower: Not technically “in” Roppongi, but close enough to reach on foot is Tokyo Tower. This iconic building is one of Tokyo’s primes. With two observation decks, you can find some stunning views of the city here. However, I don’t recommend paying for the views here – there are tons of other places where you can find similar views for free.

4. Shibuya – Where To Stay In Tokyo For First Time Visitors

Best for: First Time Visitors

Why Stay In Shibuya?

Shibuya is the business, entertainment, and shopping heart of Tokyo. Like Shinjuku, it’s a great place to stay for first-time visitors of the city. As many places cater to tourists, it’s easy to find places with English menus and English speaking staff. While there are more than enough bars, restaurants, and shops, it’s not as overwhelming as Shinjuku.

As mentioned, it’s very similar to Shinjuku, which is why it shares many of the reasons why it’s one of the best places to stay in Tokyo. Shibuya Station is on the JR Yamanote Line, making it a hassle-free location to make your way from and to other hotspots in the city. As Shibuya Station is one of the biggest train stations in the city, you can get here without any hassle from both airports.

Be one of the 1,5 million people who cross Shibuya Crossing every single day, and eat the best ramen in Shibuya Center Gai. Harajuku is only a 15-minute walk from Shibuya, where you can find tons of boutiques, trendy restaurants, and karaoke bars.

Cons: Shibuya is very popular among tourists, and many shops and restaurants tend to be pretty “touristy”. You can find more authentic places if you make your way towards the alleyways and back streets, but do expect Shibuya to be pretty crowded.

Best Hotels In Shibuya

Mid-range: Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu (4*)

You cannot stay closer to the world famous Shibuya Crossing. Connected to Shibuya Station, the Excel Hotel looks out over Shibuya Crossing and Shibuya 109. As it’s so close to the station, it’s the perfect hotel for first time visitors of Tokyo, as it’s super easy to make your way to other parts of the city.

With comfortable rooms that are pretty big for Japanese standards and a prime location, it’s the perfect choice. The restaurant on the 25th floor offers one of the best views over Shibuya Crossing.

Facilities include: Bar, restaurant with beautiful views, and free WiFi.

Mid-range: Shibuya Granbell Hotel (3*)

Add very stylish rooms with a super convenient location and you’ve got yourself Granbell Hotel. It’s located only three minutes from Shibuya Station, making it a great choice for those who are visiting Tokyo for the first time. There is a restaurant inside the hotel, but there are tons of other options in Shibuya that you can easily reach on foot.

The hotel offers 24h luggage storage and I personally really like the style of the rooms. They’re just a bit different from the standard hotel-vibes, and I can appreciate that a lot. The size of the rooms are also pretty good for Tokyo standards.

Facilities include: Restaurant, free WiFi, tinted windows, luggage storage, and an on-site bar.

Things To Do In Shibuya

  • Shibuya Crossing: One of Tokyo’s highlights is the world’s busiest intersection. Shibuya Crossing is located in the heart of Shibuya and immediately gives you that Tokyo-feel. Neon-lights, billboards, skyscrapers all around you – it’s the perfect place to start your Tokyo trip (or stay nearby). Shibuya Crossing was also featured in many movies, including Fast and Furious, Resident Evil, and Lost in Translation.
  • Shop in Harajuku: Harajuku is located in between Shinjuku and Shibuya and is known to be the centre of fashion and youth culture. Filled with trendy vintage clothing shops, unique bars, and independent boutiques, it’s a great place to shop.
  • Shibuya Center Gai: This street is the living heart of Shibuya. Filled with the best bars, restaurants, karaoke bars, and Izakayas, it’s a must-visit when in Shibuya at night.
  • Meet Hachiko: Outside of Shibuya station stands the Hachiko statue. The statue was placed here to commemorate the dog Hachiko, who would meet his owner at the station every day. When his owner died, Hachiko would continue to show up and wait for him.
  • Meiji Shrine: Meiji Shrine is located in the Meiji forest next to Harajuku station. The shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. The forest consists of thousands of trees and it makes for a lovely peaceful walk away from the crowded streets of the metropolitan city.

5. Asakusa – Best Place To Stay In Tokyo On A Budget

Best for: Budget Travellers & Culture Lovers

Why Stay In Asakusa?

Asakusa is the traditional part of Tokyo. It’s the perfect place to stay in Tokyo for culture lovers and those who want to experience a more traditional Tokyo. Apart from many hotels, there are also some ryokans in Asakusa, traditional Japanese inns.

While Asakusa is a hot-spot for tourists who want to visit the famous Senso-ji temple, it’s pretty quiet at night. You can find tons of smaller, independent eateries, bars, and shops here. It is way more intimate compared to Shinjuku or Shibuya, with a fantastic atmosphere.

Apart from that, saying in Asakusa is much cheaper compared to other areas this close to the city center. While there are many hostels here and it’s popular among backpackers, couples will also love staying here and there are tons of great hotel options. On top of that, it’s easy to get here from both airports.

Cons: Asakusa is not on the JR Yamanote Line. While you can easily get onto the line by taking the Tokyo Metro Ginza or Toei Subway Asakusa line, it may be annoying to some travellers. Especially because these lines aren’t covered by the JR Pass.

Best Hotels In Asakusa

Mid-Range: Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu (3* – RYOKAN)

When staying in one of the most traditional areas of Tokyo, why not add to the experience by staying in a Ryokan? Staying in one of these traditional inns is one of those bucket-list experiences. With tatami matts, paper screen doors, and wooden baths are a huge selling point for any culture lover.

The hotel boasts fantastic views of the Tokyo Skytree and the Five-storied Pagoda at Senso-ji temple from their wooden baths. Add it to the colourful breakfast, Japanese-styled rooms, and yukata robes, and you’ve got yourself one of the best places to stay in Tokyo.  

Facilities include: Japanese styled furniture, wooden baths, spa, WiFi, and on-site restaurant.

ryokan in tokyo

Budget/Mid-Range: Hotel Sunroute Asakusa (3*)

Hotel Sunroute in Asakusa is located only a few minutes from Asakusa station and a 15-minute walk from Ueno Station (which sits on the JR Yamanote Line). Having stayed in the Sunroute hotel in Shinjuku, I can highly recommend this chain. This hotel was renovated in 2019.

While the rooms are on the small side, the hotel gives great value for money. You’ll get everything you need for a very affordable price. It even comes with available massages, luggage storage, and an on-site restaurant.

Facilities include: Available massages, luggage storage, on-site restaurant, and WiFi.

where to stay in tokyo

Things To Do In Asakusa

  • Sensoji Temple: This buddist temple is the oldest temple in the whole of Tokyo dating back to the sixth century. It’s free to visit its temple grounds, where you can find many smaller temples and a stunning five-storied pagoda.
  • Nakamise Dori Shopping Street: This street leads up to the main building of Senso-ji temple. It’s filled with small shops selling the best souvenirs and snacks.
  • Rent a kimono: Being such a traditional part of Tokyo, Asakusa has many kimono rental offices. Many tourists (both Japanese and non-Japanese) rent a kimono for the day to explore the temple grounds dressed in traditional clothing. It’s a really fun experience that I’d highly recommend!
  • Skytree: While technically not “in” Asakusa, it’s very close. The Sky Tree is the tallest building in Japan and has one of the best observation decks in the city. From here, you can even see Mount Fuji on a clear day.

Plan Your Tokyo Itinerary

Now you know exactly where to stay in Tokyo during your trip, but what do you want to see? I have put together a six-day Tokyo travel guide, perfect for those who are visiting Tokyo for the first time.

Japan Travel Book

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Tokyo

There you have it! My guide on where to stay in Tokyo. I hope it gave you all the information you need to decide on what district or what accommodation you want to stay in during your visit. Wherever you decide to stay, I hope you have a fantastic time!

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