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When travelling through Japan, Nara should definitely be on your to-visit list. As it’s one of Japan’s famous day-trips and closely located to both Kyoto and Osaka, it would be a shame to miss it. Famous for its hundreds of deers roaming around the city, its beautiful Japanese gardens and many beautiful shrines that date back to when Nara was Japan’s first capital. This Nara itinerary will help you plan a perfect day in this gorgeous little city.

Nara itinerary
The beautiful Nara Deer Park in Autumn

Nara Itinerary | One Day in Nara

1. Arrive in Nara

This itinerary starts with arriving in the beautiful city of Nara. Whether you’re travelling from Kyoto, Osaka or some other city, I’d highly recommend to not arrive later than 10 AM. Because it’s only a day-trip, you want to make sure you have enough time to see everything.

If you arrive in Nara at the JR Nara Train Station, walk over to the Tourist Information Centre. It’s located right outside the station and you can pick up a little booklet with information about the deer park, the shrines and temples. Inside the tourist information centre, you can also find a Starbucks. Grab a coffee and you’re ready to start exploring Nara!

2. Visit Kohfuku-ji Temple

After walking through some beautiful little streets that really make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time, you will arrive at Kohfukuji Temple.

kofukuji temple, central golden hall
Kofukuji’s main temple: The Central Golden Hall
kohfukuji temple, nara day trip, what to do in Nara
day trip to nara from Kyoto, what to do in Nara
Southern octagonal hall in Nara Japan

The temple features multiple buildings, all with their own history and stories. The five-storied pagoda is one that stands out from the crowd immediately.

Then there is the main temple, Central Golden Hall. 300 years ago, a fire destroyed most of this temple, but it has been reconstructed it to its original size. It opened to the public in October 2018.

Moving towards the side, you can find the Southern Octagonal Halls. These buildings date back to over a thousand years. I could barely grasp the age of these incredible temples and other buildings. It is so amazing that we got to stand next to them in person.

3. Wander through Isuien Garden

4. Visit the world’s largest wooden structure: Todai-ji Temple

We then moved on to Nara’s prime, Todai-ji Temple. It is one of Japan’s most famous temples according to Japan-Guide.Com. And with good reason. The Todai-ji Temple was build back in 752 and its main hall (the Daibutsuden) is the world’s largest wooden building.

todai ji temple, what to do in nara, day trip to nara
Entree of Todai-ji

It is almost impossible to grasp the size of the Daibutsuden. This building is massive, and to know that it is fully made out of wood is incredibly. At first, we thought the entrance of Todai-ji was the largest wooden structure in the world and we were already impressed by its size. Only to realise that the actual Daibutsuden was located a little further – it blew our minds!

To enter the building, you pay an entree fee of ¥600 for the museum or ¥1000 for the museum and the hall. Inside the hall, you can witness Japan’s largest Buddha statue in bronze.

todai ji temple, daibutsuden, what to do in nara, day trip nara
The world’s largest wooden structure: Daibutsuden

5. Explore Nara Deer Park and Mt. Wakakusa

Nara Deer Park is probably what Nara is most famous for. 1200 deer roam around freely throughout the park, posing for tourist’s Instagram stories and begging them for some sweet deer crackers. Yes, you can buy a pack of crackers for ¥100- ¥150. Make sure to not feed them anything else – you wouldn’t want them to get sick!

Nara deer park, things to do on a day trip to nara
deer crackers in nara
There are stands all across the park that sell the crackers.

You might be aware of how bowing in Japan is a form of showing respect. A funny fact to keep in mind while visiting Nara Park is that the deer actually bow back when you bow for them. We tried it a few times, and indeed! The deer bowed back!

nara deer park, things to do in nara japan
day trip nara, what to do in nara japan

6. Visit Kasuga-Taisha

After visiting Todai-ji, we slowly started making our way back to the entrance of the park. There are many shops to nose around in and get a few souvenirs from. I find it so important to support the local communities while travelling, especially the lovely people who own their shops in places like Nara.

one day itinerary nara, day trip nara, what to do in nara

7. Shop on Higashimuki Shopping Street

When arriving back onto Noborioji street, on which we entered the deer park earlier that day, we had a look around for a place to have dinner. There are tons of restaurants to choose from, and we ended up going to the CoCo Curry Ichibanya. We were kinda obsessed with that place when we travelled through Japan. Best Japanese curry I’ve ever had!

8. Take the train back to Osaka/Kyoto

Because most sights close quite early in Nara, we took the train back to Osaka after dinner. We then still had time to either go to an arcade for the evening or grab a couple of drinks in a bar near the hotel.

How To Get To Nara

Nara is located right close to both Kyoto and Osaka, making it a perfect destination for a day trip. By using the train, you can get to Nara within an hour from both cities.

kyoto to nara, osaka to nara
Nara is located in between Osaka and Kyoto

Nara Day Trip From Kyoto (by train)

If you want to visit Nara while staying in Kyoto, you can use the JR Nara Line or the private Kintetsu Line.

If you are a Japan Rail Pass holder, you can use the JR Nara Line with your JR Pass. From Kyoto, it takes between 40-70 minutes to get to Nara pending on which train you use. You can either use the JR Nara Line Local or the JR Nara Line Rapid Service. If you can get the Rapid Service, I’d highly recommend it, as it is 25 minutes quicker. For those who do not hold a JR Pass, this trip will cost you ¥710.

If you don’t hold a JR Pass, you can also choose to use the private Kintetsu Line to get to Nara from Kyoto. This train journey will cost you ¥620 and will get you to Kintetsu-Nara station within 35 minutes. Reasons to pick this line over the JR line is because it’s much quicker, it’s cheaper (if you do not use a JR Pass) and Kintetsu-Nara is located more centrally compared to JR Nara Station.

For accurate times and prices for Kyoto – Nara trains, please check HyperDia.

Train to Nara
Train to Nara

Nara Day Trip From Osaka (by train)

Visiting Nara for a day trip from Osaka is also possible. Two train lines connect Osaka with Nara: The JR Yamatoji Line and the Kintetsu Nara Line.

If you are using a JR Pass to travel to Nara, you can use the JR Yamatoji Line. From Osaka Station, it takes about 50 minutes when using the JR Yamatoji Rapid Services. If you do not hold a JR Pass, this trip will cost ¥800. Are you travelling from JR-Namba Station in Osaka? Then you can get the local train to Shinimamiya Station for ¥150 and then continue your journey on the JR Yamatoji Line to Nara with your JR Pass. 

If you are not using a JR Pass, you can use the Kintetsu-Nara Line to get to Nara. From Osaka-Namba Station, you can get the Kintetsu Line to Kintetsu-Nara for ¥560. This train will get you to Nara in 38 minutes. Reasons to pick the Kintetsu-Nara Line over the JR Pass (when you’re not using a JR Pass) is because it’s cheaper, quicker and will get you to a more central point in Nara. Kintetsu-Nara Station is located closer to the Deer Park compared to JR Nara Station.

For accurate times and prices for Osaka – Nara trains, please check HyperDia.

Where to stay when visiting Nara

Because Nara is quite close to both Osaka and Kyoto, it’s a good idea to make a day-trip to Nara while staying in either Osaka or Kyoto. This way you’ll avoid having to carry your suitcases to Nara for a short stay, having to wait for the check-in time for the hotel and waste a lot of time. It’s much easier to get on a train in the morning and get a train back in the evening. Especially if you have a JR pass. In Osaka, we stayed at the Sonezaki Luxe Hotel and in Kyoto we stayed at the Kyoto Urban Hotel.

Where to eat in Nara

More than one day?

Nara Travel Essentials

  • JR rail pass: If you are planning to travel around Japan during your trip, getting a JR rail pass is the perfect way to save a lot of money. Especially if you want to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto (or Osaka), I’d 100% recommend you to get a pass! To find out if a JR Pass if worth the money for your itinerary, please check my JR Pass blog. If you buy yours through this link, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (I’d very much appreciate it if you enjoyed reading this blog!). Get your JR pass here.
  • Pocket WiFi: This ain’t just handy for Nara, but for your entire Japan trip. Pocket WiFi is a must. This little device connects you to the internet wherever you are and barely takes up any space.
    We got ours from Japan Wireless (16 full days for just over £60).
  • Cash: You might have read it in other Japan guides, but here’s your daily reminder: Japan is a very cash-based country! Even though many shops do accept credit and debit cards, you want some cash in Nara. This is because the entree fee for temples and shrines usually has to be paid in cash and so are the deer crackers.

Finish your Japan itinerary…

For more information about this trip, you can check out our entire two week Japan itinerary and our Japan budget post which breaks down all costs of this trip!

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  1. Pretty bussy schedule, but I am sure it was worth it! I will keep your tips in mind, although it will take lots of time, till I get to Japan!

  2. This is such a good post, I really enjoyed reading it! It’s interesting that it’s rude to eat on the trains in Japan, I eat on trains all the time in the U.K. without a second thought! And it’s so cute that the deers bowed back!

    • Yeah, I do the same! Especially during longer trips on the train, it’s quite common to eat on them in the UK – luckily I did a bit of research on Japanese etiquettes haha!

  3. I love looking at the temple and the architecture, there’s so much to learn about their history!! I’ve never been to Japan (yet) but I definitely want to go to the Nara deer Park. I didn’t know they could bow back, I think that’s so adorable!! 🤣 Thank you for sharing! xx

    Geraldine |

  4. So much useful information here! I would love to go to the deer park if I ever get to go to Japan, they’re so cute! The architecture is so beautiful too. Amazing photos! I didn’t know that eating on a train is seen as disrespectful in Japan either, that’s definitely a handy tip x

  5. Japan has always been one of my top places that I one day want to travel too but I’ve never actually heard of Nara which means I have another place to add to my to-do list and places to visit when I finally one day get to go! Thank you for this blog post, it looks like you had an amazing time and I love your photographs!

  6. Ma’am, why are you living the dream life aka my dream life??? I am so seriously jealous!! But seriously, this was such a good run down of Nara. I hope I can go there one day and follow your itinerary. But those deer! OMG! I was squeeing just from the pictures! So adorable!!!

    xoxo Emily

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